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Emporium rewards need improvement

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5 May, 2016, 2:44 AM UTC


The daily quest reward is really weak when u have to defend against about 40 cities near u who get a quest to kill u. Being able to secure and emporium for 1-2 hours should give massive reward in resources.

Not only is defending weak and acces to free defending units is weak. Then u have to be able to defend against alot of players who can hit u at same time.

So even if u have a massive defending army, even if u survive 1 player, the next one and next or the next one, till your dead. 1 hour is a very long time.

To make it even worse, every player gets a quest to kill someone farming it. This quest should not exist or rotate with another type of quest.

Asking all cities to kill a player each day when that player has to survive such a long time for the most shitty reward ever is just crazy.

Totally pointless to even try it or just hope u get lucky and get skipped and farm it out with small force.

Im level 57 and the best unit i can make is peltast and every player can hit easily with 200+ offensive power. There is just no way i can build enough defense, and even if i do manage thats only good for 1 player while there are many other with same strenght or even alot more that can finish u off.

I feel bad to even kill people farming it, since its a joke and from playing the game , offensive power is much easier to acquire then defense power so there i little chance that anyone farming it will have enough defense to beat u.

Sure at low level people arent aggresive and u manage to complete it few times, i havent been able to complete it since then, or really have tried much. Mostly within 5 min -10 min u will get hit with overwhelming force.

Maybe a solution would be that u can only get attacked 1-2 times and then are protected from being attacked. It makes no sense that everyone on the map can attack u and u need build enough defense for multiple people.

In the end it doesnt matter much to me, i can just skip this emporium stuff but seems like such a waste of an addition. There needs to be better benefits for being in such large danger.

Or u need stop sending everyone a daily quest to try and kill u. Then u might get attacked a bit less and would be more fair.

What u think about the emporium, the rewards, the risk and ...

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Community Manager
5 May, 2016, 9:51 AM UTC
Rewards are considered and balanced. We can't give a great advantage to players who hold them.
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5 May, 2016, 6:11 PM UTC

well there is no reason to do them, when reward does not equal the danger, then no just no

500 rescources to defend against all enemies for long time is slap in the face
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5 May, 2016, 10:07 PM UTC

I agree with you Lekkerdje... Holding an emporium for an hour is a sucker bet.

I always wait for that Emporium challenge so I can kill the idiots that try it!  Making it a bigger award will only send more poor souls out there to be slaughtered.  There are plenty of players with 3-5 million offense even at level 65-70 that no defender can withstand.

Your idea of protecting Emporium after two attacks would not work.  I would simply make an agreement with my neighbor/friend that I send my big force to the emporium now and 30 seconds and 40 seconds later he sends 2 attacks of 1 swordsman each to "immunize" me. 

I think the holding time during PVP or Emporium tournament should be lowered to 15 minutes and the points for doing it should be greater.  Just my opinion. But there was one player back in 2014 who made it all the way through 60 minutes.

60 minutes is fine when there is no special incentive to attack emporiums.

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10 May, 2016, 3:47 PM UTC
Holding is hard, but I personally don't care. Maybe thats because i'm the one who attacks them

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