Game constantly crashing, and subsequent loss of troops - this is a FRAUD

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17 May, 2016, 11:21 AM UTC

Hello Archon,

The game can't crash because it's NOT on your computer. If i would crash, then it would affect everybody at the exact same time, which is not the case, right ?

You're only connected to a website using Adobe Flash as a client plug-in in your web browser.

It's your web browser, and more specifically, Adobe Flash Player, that's crashing all the time.

Actually, you should yell at Adobe instead : they're the ones doing crap. Sparta being a huge and heavy game, Flash is hogging all the available RAM (volaitile memory) in your computer and quickly reaches its limits.

In order to reduce (you cannot prevent it) crashes frequency, you have to :

- Use a better Flash compliant browser. Google Chrome or Chromium are undoubtfully the ones gving the best results. Apparently, Microsoft Egde is also behaving satisfactorily enough.

- Have more RAM in your compouter. However, 32 bits systems can't see more than 3.5 GB of RAM (approximately : some can get up to 3.75 GB, some no more than 3.25 GB, depending on your motherboard). I'm the least annoyed with Flash crashes with a 64 bits Windows 10 on an i7 with 16 GB of RAM... But even there, it crashes after several hours of continuous use.

- Using several web sites using Flash at the same time (such as several Parium games on separate tabs, YouTube or any other embedded Flash videos or online games) will dramatically accelerate how often Flash will crash, so avoid this at any cost : when plaing sparta, don't open any other Flash website.

OK, this are passive remedies. Now for the active ones :

- As soon as you can see the game seems to become less responsive and, in particular, the troops travel times are not updated correctly (easy to notice when using boosts and times don't update), refresh the web page. You should then avoid crashes.

- Even doing this, you won't avoid Flash to finally crash sooner or later. So after you've been uting the game for a logn time, and especially if you've used some of the heavier features, completely close your web browser, and reconnect to the game.

- At least once a day, or once week if you're not playing heavily, clear your web browser cache then close your browser and reconnect to the game.

Some of the game features are especially RAM consuming. The absolute worse ones are : visting other players cities, the ingame chat, and the ingame messenger.

For instance, if you're visiting your friends cities to give them heroes, you'll have to restart at least every 25 visited cities (or even sooner), or you'll so badly crash Flash you'l be forced to clear the cache.

We've learnt to live with this... Flash was certainly the worst choice as an online clien, but now it's done and all we can do it to adapt ourselves.

All we can do is to learn how to solve the problems when they come. But nothing can be done to prevent Flash from crashing : it in its genes, in a way. Actually, it has always been crap since the very first days of Shockwave Flash that Adobe has bought.

Complain to Adobe Inc. if you're not happy : maybe they'll fix it, though I doubt about it. ^^

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24 May, 2016, 8:20 AM UTC

I lost some troops when the site has logging problem 

I took pictures also 

What 2 do 

I play on 

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24 May, 2016, 9:58 AM UTC

Hello Archon,

If it's related to the 4th of May servers unavailability, then yes, you could still open a tciket to the support service :

However, you've been compensated already for the lost time, directly in your market.

If you have any othe rissue, then yes, contact them using the above link.

From May 5th, instructions about how to change your preferred DNS server to replace your deficient Internet provider's one, so your web browser would be able to reach the game, was given here on the forum after it could be accessed again.

Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice
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