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oracle si better now? mt ... is better

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30 April, 2016, 8:09 AM UTC

u say oracle will be better now, 

my *** is better, now i lost 950 promachos for poor 17 agema, on high position, that is not an 1%, not 30%, 

very poor, or maybe i have block and on  oracle, i cant take toys from oracle,

very poor, before fro m double less position take 7 000 phalanx, now beat high position more than 100, 4  time and take poor 150 k, dont tell me  bank is empty, with army who i send is full and more than fuull, but i see u dont give drahma in pvp, no promo, only poor sariso, no dominion points, some refresh quest like in that i can take more than 300 ress, 

plarium only i need 30 dominion points now , to go to dom 10, and u will never see me

this coiner **** i never see, to dont sleep to make mission to make dom 10, and save toys from coiner, no thanks, to finish if u dont ban me, u can do and that, and from me is finish on this coiner, i will not say game, say ****
Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
30 April, 2016, 9:14 AM UTC

and on the end i lost 4 milion for poor 17 agema 54 promo and 100 mpeltast, that is better payout plarium? and is more fun i make 4k points and have also mission oracle, 

on oracle mission 4k points , on dailly mission only aboput 700 points, i cant take and sarisso, very gredy

i know because i play alone in 1 coal, and only i hit oracle, 

your calculate is good for u  but u lost players, 4 k points and 700- points in dailly mission, poor.

and tell me how u change fortune???

i write u that is last chance to sell me dom points because i will be dom 10 for 110 points before week, 

u give me then only 20%, i reject. today u give me dominator, for 2 or 7 days, and after 30 min u change in dominion points, and 60%, but now i need 30 dom points for dom 10, and i dont spend 500 drahma for 75 points, only to log will take 3 dom points, why u dont know to manage game, and lose it???

i told u, if im not baned i will do dom 10 and leave, im big buyer, on aLL game who i played before i spend a lot money,  but only for u i never spend cent, and i dont like to lost my nervs for your pocket, 

enjoy till u can because i see u fall more with ratings, also points is 5 time less than  last time,. and im much better ranked with less points than last pvp, so 

good luck, and prepare new game, all read u and leave, and i will do same, 


before to leave u can give good discount for towers, (fortification), to make stronger city, now defence bonus is 8000, to increase it, other no need, decor no, i have now more champions than toys, but no mather, only to take dominion 10 and leave, u lost big buyer and smart player, but not only me, a lot of us. enjoy in game. on thr rnd and if  u ban me, i will told to players not buyers, how with less toys to makwe 10 k points and take double than lose. this game is for smart players i learn it when nobody buy champions or toys, now nobody learn only spend money, but player always search some way for better play

i hope that will take dom 10, if i dont take, same, im happy that i didnt spend cent, because u are gredy, and never ever play plarium's game and told to all myy friends to never start plariums dame.

good luck again
Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
Community Manager
5 May, 2016, 9:31 AM UTC
Please be patient. You will receive your points eventually.
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