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Spy options in positions.

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22 April, 2016, 10:29 AM UTC

It would be a great addition to the game, if you where able to scout at forehand in positions.

As defense positions reveal with a single scout the total amount of Xerses raiding army. 

A offense position does not.

I know that this topic has mentioned several times now.

And still this is unattended.

Knowledge of what a enemy has is the battle half won.

Anyone else have some positive feedback regarding this matter?
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22 April, 2016, 10:34 AM UTC

dont spend time , that is with attention to spend more army toys, or money

he will answer that after all strike, u have message how army have xerxes. when write blow and give final strike, and only 1 line, dont think that is almost finish. when u read this, and last line, xerxes have little less from 50% army. on 3 line on 1 position i lost 280 k army, on last i lost 240 k army, so all is cheating to buy more toys
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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22 April, 2016, 12:05 PM UTC
We're not planning to add such option.
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25 April, 2016, 3:22 AM UTC

you can "spy" with offense units, just send 1k offense or more and see what unit composition is there, if u use spreadsheet u get 95% close numbers estimations of real units

or use also working sending in waves method, just remember after first 1k scout, your waves must always contains exactly same amount of troops.

info is on wiki.

"If I got 1 Cut them down and 1 Hold the line message means I need to get 2 Enemy retreating messages before killing my enemy. If I got 2 Hold the line and 2 Cut them down, means it can take 4 Enemy retreating message before breaking them. "

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