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wheel of fortune, and fortification

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19 April, 2016, 3:06 PM UTC


and players=buyers or sponsored from u, i know u miss me , so i decide to write one post :)

plarium, couple time i write but nothing, so i like to ask u

1. why we must buy fortification, when we produce bronze timber, for his building??? maybe we dont know but if we have artisan, then is aloved we alone to build it. but offcorse, all about money

2. why that whell of your wishes, not fortune dont change? how u know i wait 8 month for poor 40 % decor and only 5, and in 10 days 8 was bost.

now i receive only bost, ress ( i have more than 130 mil ress raidded), dominion.

my opinion is u decide how much % will be discount and how much time we can use, but we will decide what we will take, so all players will spend more drahma and real money, , with your sistem, i will keep drahma 1 yr, and from tournament to tournament my conto will grow and i will not need to buy with real money. if u give better , like my proposal, all when have good % will spend some money to buy more, but what i need 80% for mistique box??? some cheap elixir lvl 1, 

give people to choice his discount, and u will sell a lot, not like me all time bost, and ress, and how u know all my city i take from rewards, but if u give me choice i will spend money, but not for ress.

also u must fall on the ground with price, i remember before 1k ress was 300-400 drahma, now is better, and all must be same, normally if u like to people spend more, im not foll to buy sketches 5k drahma, for only 1 upgrade. 

think about it

for me is same, i dont need upgrades, but if have good i can do that, but some good player is still with poor fortification and city some dont have and artisan , so fall from sky your prices
Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
19 April, 2016, 4:08 PM UTC

ahhh u kill me withthis sh... bost.

i dont know why u waist our time and our hope for good discount., better remove that whel of your wishes.

all time bost, so i will not spend cent for that. i know people with 20-25 k drahma, and never buy, and never give him some good like artisan or fortification, i make all without your whell of your wishes.

if u have brain and think little with brain, that head and brain is for that, give good  discount and what need people, not what u cant sale, and u will take more money, so another waist day hoping and expecting good discount, but is same shyt, bost, ress, dominion.

i will not watch anymore that your wishes

Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
Alyona Kolomiitseva
Community Manager
20 April, 2016, 8:59 AM UTC


It's been a while since your last topic 

Of course you can choose which discount to use. Nobody is forcing you to buy Drachmas. So feel free to play the way you wish. We will support any of your decisions
Plarium Community Manager. Please note that I will be unable to respond to your private messages, review your tickets, or check your account information. All technical issues should be directed to our Support Team at
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20 April, 2016, 10:32 AM UTC


u didnt understand me

i ask, why dont that fortune only show %, but we will decide what will buy.

so u can give me 30 %, and i will choice ress, or dominion, or fortification, . not u give % and what is discount.

i told u all players complaib on whell of your wishes, , for discount for artisan some wait more than year, i waited 8 month for poor 40% and only 5 decor. so if u give us to choice discount u will sell more, , a lot players keep drahma, and some have more than 20-25 k, because u kill him with bad discount.

and also, for new member,m u like new players and give him 10%??? so he will leave in same moment, for new , to keep it u must give better discount and what he need, not 10% champs, or dominion.

u like a lot money, but with your wrong management u lost a lot players, 

i all time receive 10-20% ress, sorry today 80% train bost??? do i need it? so i will kjeep drahma, in friday new pvp, new 1k drahma, and aafter 2-3 weeks bad discount i dont need to spend money i will have more than 6-7 k drahma, for that u lost a lot money and players. give us to choice discount, only u show %.

but knowing your admiinistration how is gredy and hungry for money, is not includet to continue wih bad discount and lost players
Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
Rob May
20 April, 2016, 7:15 PM UTC

it would be more complicated to implement since, if u receive 80% discount, global discount for example

how many towers can u buy with it 5 or 10?

how many agemas 5 or 10 or 100?

how many champions etc.

how many artisans, u cant buy 5:)

it would have to have set in stone ration for every category I guess as every category deal with different numbers, from few to hundreds.

bit if that is looked after, kind of like global discount instead of targeted

btw surprising to find you here since this game causes u so much suffereing:)

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20 April, 2016, 8:18 PM UTC


i didnt write to u, u can go  to piss

if u are buyer , free buy, im player and now players left, after few weeks u will je... on promachos for who u spend couple thousand dollars. so i dont need your opinion

and why im still here, 

i dont play , only make fun and destroy some other player so enjoy till u can
Aleksandar III Makedonski
UTC +1:00
21 April, 2016, 12:55 AM UTC


You opened a topic on a public forum.

Roy is then allowed to take part in the conversation, helping, suggesting solutions, etc.

If you wanted to talk to Plarium in private, then please open a ticket, they're made for this purpose.

By chosing to yell at everybody using the forum, you deliberately chosed to make your topic public and open to everybody. This is NOT a private chat.


1) Please stay courteous to other forum users

2) You are NOT allowed to insult other forum users

3) By breaking the rules, you've just elected yourself for a one day vacation. Enjoy, and please come back cooled down. We really don't need another Hundigo here. Thanks for understanding.

I pity the fool
UTC +11:00
22 April, 2016, 9:05 PM UTC

I have been seeing Alexander’s complaining posts for a while...While I don’t agree with the majority of his gripes, he occasionally makes some good points.

Plarium is offering a global game across markets where a huge income disparity may exist… While a $49 or $99 deal can seem reasonable to a US or Western European player, there are some areas within the game’s market where this is much too expensive. How about regional pricing?

Most of the “wheel-of-fortune” offers are worthless… Is there a reason to leave them up there for 24 hours?  Could the deals be updated twice a day or even every 6 hours?  I am assuming Plarium wants people to seize the deals so leaving up a deal that is not interesting for 24 hours doesn’t accomplish anything as far as I can see.  Hitting the combination of a high discount, the right items and a current need seems very remote with the current lottery.  In 60 days of playing I have used WOF discounts once. Even the high discount on reviving units came at a time when I had no valuable units to revive…  

The occasional "special discounts" of 50-60% are infuriating.  If a 50% or 60% discount is offered it shouldn’t go hand-in-hand with removal of all the bonuses/incentives that result in the discounted offer being a much worse deal than the “regular” offers… It is insulting to the intelligence of the players to make such "false offers".  

Why not offer free accordion music, a Sparta banner for your screen, a hot dog and colorful balloons with the purchase of 20,000 Drachmas?

And I think all those LARGE annoying "sales" graphics (WOF, Special Offers etc…) should be banned from the main game screen.You use them only very occasionally, why can't they be stashed away in a sub-menu?  They take up too much screen space and detract from the overall appearance of the game. Maybe put them on an access screen so you see them when you enter the game.  They certainly don't need to be visible all the time.

UTC -5:00
Alyona Kolomiitseva
Community Manager
25 April, 2016, 12:20 PM UTC

Greetings. Our game gives you an opportunity to use one of the proposed discounts. You always can choose which one to use or skip. And it's reasonable that it can be applied only to Boosts, or Defensive buildings, etc. 

As for the interface, the discount offers were designed to be visible all the time and easily accessible. So I doubt that it will ever be changed.
Plarium Community Manager. Please note that I will be unable to respond to your private messages, review your tickets, or check your account information. All technical issues should be directed to our Support Team at
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26 April, 2016, 12:19 PM UTC

I often get 60 or 80% discounts of fortifications, that are useless as I've finished them off years ago.

But they're random and you don't get lucky everyday. And complaining about gifts just sounds gross anyway.

Of course it would be better if the wheel wouldn't give items you can't use because you're done (another example are discounts on decor when your city is full already - though you could still use the opportunity to replace some of them), and there a lot I would never use (such as relocation pools).

But luck is luck, and complaining about gifts, seriously...

I pity the fool
UTC +11:00
26 April, 2016, 8:51 PM UTC


Come on... There are no gifts in this game!  Do you truly believe the players should be so grateful for all the wonderful "free gifts" Santa Plarium brings them each day?

You pay for every single thing you get.  The only difference is that Plarium picks what you get for you or you get to pick it yourself.  What are you going to spend those Drachmas you buy on anyway?  Virtually the same stuff they give you as "free gifts" except you get to buy them when the WOF gives you 80% discount and you get to focus your purchases on the more valuable items and not waste them on "overpriced" items that are included in the packs.

I doubt Plarium sells a single Drachma through the regular market purchase.  Even at 80% discount the straight Drachmas can't compete with the value pack - although at that rate it is a little closer. 

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