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Increase Denarii production and suggestion new denarii system.

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15 April, 2016, 11:24 AM UTC

This issue is proberly posted a gazillion times before, but hopefully with this other players will concur that this has to be changed.

Current system:

Argentarium > 2 minutes > 17 denarii > 510 denarii p/h > 12240 denarii a day

                         10 minutes > 83 denarii >498 denarii p/h >  11952 denarii a day

                         60 minutes > 500 denarii > 500 p/h duh! >   12000 denarii a day

                           2 hours > 800 denarii > 400 p/h               >     9600 denarii a day

                           4 hours > 1200 denarii > 300 p/h             >    7200 denarii a day

                           8 hours > 1600 denarii > 200 p/h             >    4800 denarii a day

                         12 hours > 1800 denarii > 150 p/h             >    3600 denarii a day

                         23 hours > 2300 denarii > 100 p/h             >    2300 denarii for almost a day.

Counter argument can be; Yeah go for the Emporiums for the extra denarii. As it's simple to hold one these days.

But that's not what i want to make in this statement.

The fact that the longer you choose from your Argentarium the less you get, is something what in my opinion has to change.

Increase the amount of resources at the long term options > for a increase of denarii so that all options gives the same amount or slightly more/less then the 2 minute option. (longer trade often results in more interest)

This way, people have lesser loss a day while have the option to choose from at a higher resource cost.

Or come with a new system that is based on a fluctuated base. (like real trades)

put in for example 1000 resources each in a hour > get a marge of 500 denarii or a lucky trade of 2000 denarii out. (50% loss or a max of 100% profit chance)

This way you can have when lucky and you pressed the 23 hours option at the increased balanced resources way. for example 25k denarii insted of the standard 12k denarii, unlucky way is a decrease of 25% of your daily income. (the longer option you choose the more certanty you get on a profit)

1 timber/bronze for your thoughts? :)

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15 April, 2016, 3:46 PM UTC

it would certainly help to get more denarii, but am more interested in slightly different thing.

at current state denarii troops are not worth building for players who have enough resources from raiding. By building vanilla troops you get anywhere between 10-40% stronger army over same period of time than building roman troops.

denarii are very lucrative for very casual players who for cheap can train units vs having empty building queue

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16 April, 2016, 4:52 PM UTC

I don't agree.

I still need denarii to produce Legates and Evocati, as they're the most powerful units in the game, and I don't care about their cost.

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16 April, 2016, 7:05 PM UTC

strength of individual units is no consequence to me in most scenarios.

both maxed scrolls and same average defense:

1000 MP takes 45.2 days to build

666 legates 52.4 days to build

if I bring MPs to 52,4 days I get extra 158 MPs or around 150k defense

only difference is grain consumption, almost double for MPs. if grain is concern then I understand.

but it takes time to fix scrolls for denarii troops, I assume most players start with ordinary units, then difference is much bigger. zero scrolls in legates,its 365MP, more than double from previous amount of MPs

same applies to evocatus.

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17 April, 2016, 8:39 AM UTC

Yes of course.

Anyway, all my agreements are maxed, except the first Roman and Carthaginian units, becasue I just did all the quests (and I don't use them much anyway).

My defense and offense use a good deal of Legates and Evocati and I'm still growing them. It's less a question of individual strength than a question of building a huge number of them to get along with other kinds. ;)
Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice
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