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11 April, 2016, 12:44 PM UTC

i like to ask, did is same game like 1 year ago?

before we have in friday PVP and oracle, no bot city nothing, buyers a few, . to open all army and to upgrade needs 1 yr, now lvl 50 have all with sketces and all army opened, , to dont speak that have also and more than 50 milions. 

are this is game or market? 

every day 3-4 tornament, , so u cant produce army for all, and u must buy, u can buy 1, 2, 3 times, but every day is enough.

for that i see old players leave, only few old still play, real players not buyers.

plarium, think, i told u couple time, your rating is 5 time lower from februar, .

u say u cant play all tournament, but u maybe will not play, but other will attack u, 

im really dissapoented from game in what way go.

is seems like battle of Gaugamela, when boy king Alexander with 45 k army beat great king Darius with 250 k army.

same here , u make tournament, u think that we dont have other work, and must be online all time, and some play sherif, go from pool to pool, and destroy a lot players, so 1 buy 100 leave, 

and take calculation what u will take? after few weeks, will play only buyeersw, but and he will stop buying, for 1 game is enough to spend 50 dollars, but your offers to spend more than couple thousands, is not real,

plarium, think, i mean u start losing game. 
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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11 April, 2016, 9:11 PM UTC

Everything in life develops archon, if not, we stagnate in life.
All changes in the game are made in order to take the best possible advantage of it, and im sure that our devs will continue to work in this direction.

Use your mind and your sword wisely archon, and have fun.

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11 April, 2016, 9:37 PM UTC

sorry nuno

but this is not anymore game, all goin to good, but not and sparta. u lost a lot members after "moderate" game, with a lot euro, for sketches, champs, army, now capitol, more pans, 

. more news mean, more money to spend, before we make army, now u dont have time to make, every day 3 tournaments, pan , capitol, city, needs army, so who can do all?

now i see u make same like in atletics, first start to run weak runner, and then he give up, only to be faster race, also and here, u have a deal with couple players and coalitions, for army, only to make points and other in nervous will buy army.

i think this because i kill about 40 milion to one player, after 5 min he attacked me with new 50 milions, and 2 weeks every day new 100-150 champs with army.

when i calculate , 110 k drahma is 500 eur, and u can buy from infrmary only 1200 agema, that ois about 2.7 milion, so he spend every day 5 000 eur?

u kidding me, 

but ok, thanks for advize, long time i see why with 5 k points now u can be in 500 best, and before with 20 k, u cant enter in top 10 000. 

thanks for explanation
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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