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11 April, 2016, 9:47 AM UTC

I've realised just how poor value it is to invest in sketches - at least for resources.

Consider : 10,000 drachmas buy 1,000 sketches. Now, for lumberyards and forges to upgrade from say level 21 to 22, you need 200 sketches per upgrade. Hence 5 buildings upgraded cost 1,000 sketches ie 10,000 drachma. For the same 10,000 drachma, you can buy 7.5 million resources (10,000 drachmas buying 250 lots of 30,000 res at 40 drachma per time) - this 7.5 million has ignored any WOF special offers.

The building upgrade route would give an additional 100 per hour and so 5 buildings = an additional 500 res / hour being generated. This means that it would take 15,000 hours (or 625 days) before you have generated the 7.5 million resources.

My conclusion : as a payback project then paying for sketches to upgrade resource buildings is a terrible investment. Farms are an even worse investment as level 21 to 22 needs 260 sketches per farm; do the maths and it is 813 days payback.

Oh, and lets not even talk about the infirmary - paying massive amounts to revive offensive units which, unless you have screwed up, would never be killed in your city.

I've rambled on a bit - but it is raining here and so nothing else to do :)

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Sergey Kryvorotchenko
Community Manager
12 April, 2016, 2:24 PM UTC

Thank you for analysis, Archon! Don't forget that apart from basic production you have a lot of bonuses that speed up this production. This means that new levels will give you much more resources.

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12 April, 2016, 3:21 PM UTC


dont forget this is game, not real life, what if some raid me, and take 20k ress, i will be die, or he will make siege, and what???

u can play and under siege, 

big deal if i produce more, how much i have ress for that i will train army, 
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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12 April, 2016, 6:02 PM UTC

AlexandeIIIMKD said:


dont forget this is game, not real life, what if some raid me, and take 20k ress, i will be die, or he will make siege, and what???

u can play and under siege, 

big deal if i produce more, how much i have ress for that i will train army, 

AlexandeIIIMKD, from the past 20 to 30 posts you were fighting against injustice and complaining for coiner oriented game, i was really surprised to hear this from you. There's logic in what tel says, I lasted 3 months in this game, and it would take more than 1.5 years will it take to derive the advantage of the upgrade sketches(excluding temple of hermes and all).

The farm upgrade cost seem fair because the extra cost in upgrading it acts as a charge for holding a large army(grain consumption i am talking about which needs more production per hour to maintain it).

The resource purchase in my opinion, is a very bad feature implemented in the game, its like playing age of empires or starcraft with cheat codes for the coiner. Why someone even play the game when the game acts according to their needs, their should always be unacheivables in a game, like an all perfect result or confirmed win(these are possible here due to money).I think the one who buys resources and stuff must be playing seriously because he invested his earned money in the game, money is earned from hardwork and no one would like to flip it here unless a specific reason.(Please correct me if i am wrong)
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12 April, 2016, 6:49 PM UTC


i will correct , sure, all we play game for relax, after hard work, not some to make teror on us, like plarium's coalition players. every 30 min send PA. 

u cant make army, and for what to invest in some virtual??? for me is enough lvl 20, i make 85 k army per day, also i was in top 100 raiders before ban, 

his  players still dont know game, this game is play more with rain that with force, , i an give proof, i was sieged with 40 milions, but stupid only off, and easy broke and kill all, 

and after that 3 weeks every 30 min PA, and raid if see 1 scout. 

game have and moral rulles, 

i will speak from ancient kin Alexander, he didnt attack persians at night because that victory is with stealing. so i never use PA, never attack lower lvl, only if im attacked first, so for good playing is no need sketches or other capitol and 50% power, that is only money, money, money

we are players not buyers, i will accept to buy 1-2-5 champs, but like some 600-1000 , that was so stupid, i will give my 5 holidays in one game, where i will stop playing maybe after 1 month like a lot players here, and now we make missions with him, raid big city, or siege big city.

so if u are buyer, play on your way, im not buyer and will play on my way, i only write my opinion, that game go in wrong way

u can open, and see how much plarium fall, his rating, and u knnow what is that?

players leave, so listen me , for few weekend will play pvp only 2-3000 players.

same was with e-sim , from milion go to 5000 players, and plarium make same. stop with this"inovations"for money
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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12 April, 2016, 7:22 PM UTC

and i forgot

u know how is attack with 40-50 milions?

and after he lost all army, new attack with more than 30 milions, and every day new 100-150 champions, today scorpio, tommorow cataract, make siege with 10 milions, so u like to believe that he buy that?

if u see 110 000 "drahma" is 500 eur, and with 110 k u can buy from infirmary only 1200 agema, thats mean 2,5 milion, so he attacked with 20 times more, u like to believe that spend 10.000 eur?

im not kid from 5 yr. 

plarium give to some coalitions free army only to make points and u like jackas to make revenge and spend money.

i lost 20 milions and what, no need to buy, i play to relax, he will make siege or PA its same for me, what is a live also is same for me, 

now i have 2,5 k points and im 1398 place in single pvp, so where is the players??? with 2k to be 1400 place? before with 20 k we cant be in top 1000, but only from our army not buyed, 

baned me because i react rude, how to dont react, sell 2000 drahma 1 champ, and one with 30 PA kill me 41 in 4 am, so i leave inside because play with honor, who like can attack, not like coward to send PA.

pa is ok, treat is not, if u watch tv u can see when bombing sadam husein on bombs write fuc... sadam, so have penalty for that?

u defend him, but u can see for few weeks will play only u, buyers, and will be not interested, because u will lost from bigger buyer and will not think to buy more, and leave.

game is for relax, again, and sketches is nothing only spend money, 

ps. only to know all my army is from oracle, i hit pos 112, and also  i make 85 k per day, so i didnt spend cent, and my city i buy from extra rewards, champs from position takeover, always more than 40k points, 9 time in top players but only 2 time double reward, because that permanent member, he say u will go in good coal to take double, yes sure, u can enter in deat inc or lost soul if u are lvl 50 and with swords.that is only to dont give reward, like he spend some for him, 

for one game is enough to spend max 200-300 eur, and that is enough, but ok, if is cheap will be more players and more money, now will stay only u couple hundreed who buy and u will play, we will leave or will not play pvp, will be your privilegie pvp
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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Rob May
12 April, 2016, 8:20 PM UTC

it gets even worse with hall of xenia ,just for last upgrade from lvl 9 to lvl 10.

50k drachmas for 10% extra res production

lvl 20 production buildings +630 p/h - 7 years payback

lvl 25 production buildings +1,4k p/h - 3 years payback

anyway as mod pointed out, you forgot to add bonuses, since we are talking to basic levels of buildings so bonus applies.

signing all agreements +7%

temples, 10% to B+T

hermes(if u keep it up) 25% to B+T

Xenia (lvl 9) +10% all (1% down for every lower level)

dominion(lvl10) +10% same as above

so its slightly less but buying resources going much better for you.

but upgrading from 20 to 21 is very very good payback time is much shorter, pretty reasonable to do all others not so much, unless you are happy with year or more years payback value

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12 April, 2016, 8:57 PM UTC

rob may

im raider, i was before ban in top 100 now im 180 place with more than 125 milions ress, my weekly raid is 4,2 to 4,9 milion so no need ress, also all army is almost finisheed with upgrades, lvl 19 some lvl 20, 

to spend money when i can raid, is not good idea
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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Rob May
12 April, 2016, 10:32 PM UTC

im much higher at raids than you are and everything upgraded already, but if you have few months queues in each building, raiding does nothing for you, except few drachmas if u top 3 in weekly tourney

so option is to invest some to upgrade production buildings so u can be lazy with raiding and still produce 24/7, but anything that 1lvl upgrade is not really worth it, so better to buy resource packs than upgrade building.

this topic was about upgrade value, or rather that is bad value. but whoever raid over 2mil per week with everything upgraded, or maybe 3-4mil if still running upgrades can have troops queued 24/7 and can spent drachmas on something else

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13 April, 2016, 2:13 AM UTC
Best value for me is to only upgrade them to level 21. I would possibly spend even more but, Plariums prices and cost for things is absurd to say the least and I just cant justify sinking hundreds of dollars into the game for pixels.
Learn Adapt and Overcome
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13 April, 2016, 7:38 AM UTC


I OPEN ALL UPGRADES WITH SKETCHES AND SEE, IF U NEED TO UPGRADE 1 FORGE TO lvl 21 is 120 sketches and almost 10 days, so 5 forgest, 50 days, u cant wait 2 month only for 1 lvl on forge, u will upgrade it instantly, that is 8145 drahma, x 5 forge is more than 40 k drahma, only for 1 lvl, and he have 5 lvl's, and all is expencive than prevuous, so u need more than 200k drahma only for forge, if is price 8 k drahma, but lvl 25 is i think more than 15 k draha each forge. where is lumberyard, farms, port, ephorate, acropolis......... that will cost couple milions drahma, so if we know that 110 k drahma is 500 eur, u think im such a big fool to spend on upgrades more than 5-10 000 eur? for one game??? 

ok, u make it with sketches, so u must buy and army, is damage to make great city and some to make u siege, so u need not 50, than 100 milions army, bcs i fight with player who is sponsored from plarium, and kill about 40-50 milions, and he have biigger and bigger army, 

and enter in top 10, weekly, and what iu take for lose of 20 milions army? 20 drahma and poor elixir, 

no buddy, who like can make siege, i dont spend , for me is ok to spend some dollars, but this is absolutelly crazy,for that and players will left, and he already left, only we couple non buyers stay, but coming summer, and we will left.10 days in zakintos or crete is 200 eur, better to spend for me on some sunny beach than to spend here  for some toy game, who is all shaked, he didnt read still sparta, use macedonian's simbols, elephant from Alexander qattack on india, cataract?? what is that in what war he found, mirmidons is folks, who defend TROY what conection with sparta, so is all maked for money. thanks buddy but u buy and spend i will spend on me on some exotic destination, like ibiza, zakintos or maybe again maldyves.

good game
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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13 April, 2016, 8:08 AM UTC

ALEXANDEIIIMKD, from the creator of this post to almost all who replied are against the upgrade sketches(but are giving it some credit also). You are thinking we all are in favour of it, read the whole topic and every message carefully from the beginning.

And for me, i have'nt used a single penny, but won 1000 drachmas in the game contest.
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13 April, 2016, 8:44 AM UTC

Aryabhat :)

u won 1000 drahma, ha

i was won in 9 tournament and earn more than 20 k drahma, all city, and city decor is buyed from rewards, i didnt spend penny, and take 25 milions from oracle, so dont tell me for rewards. but before was a lot bigger i keep one u can seee, now with that point u cant be in top 500

[15:01] Leonidas: Archon! The PvP Warfare Tournament has come to an end!

Your 16654 points have not gone unnoticed! You placed in the top positions in the Master Rankings and earned the maximum reward, which includes the following:

Drachmas: 650

GPs: 120

Dominion Points: 25

Mystery Chests: 6. Total Elixirs: 6 (of Level 1): 6

Spartan Promachos: 150

Scrolls of Wisdom: 5

Due to your Ranking position you are also granted the following:

Drachmas: 2500

Scrolls of Wisdom: 3

Outstanding work, Archon!

Basileus Leonidas

Here is the list of Archons who excelled in the Tournament and made it into the top Rankings! Try to keep up with them, Archon!

so u see 650 +2500 drahma, only from 1 tournament :)

good game
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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13 April, 2016, 10:19 AM UTC

I don't think it's relevant to compare the time to get resources with the value of sketches.

You would mostly use them to get somehting you can't get by just waiting to produce or raid for resources.

Among useful reasons why you woudl want to upgrade buildings past level 21,

- You might want to increase grain production so you can still feed your troops without getting a negative balance and losing all your grain bfore you have an opportiunity to use it

- You might want to increase some of your granaries or warehouses capacities, so when piling up resources for an important upgrade (such as the temple of Demeter or a high level Sparta, Cannes or Pella upgrade), you're not stuck between either not having enough resources in stock or overflowing nd losing the excess (you just get a better security margin)

- You might want to protect more resources from getting stolen in case of a successful raid against your city, by increasing your acropolis retention capacity

- You might want to increase your galleys loading capacity (at least up to 50K for obvious reasons)


So it's not only about comparing costs, but to get features and advantages otherwise not available. That's all. It's not compulsory, but you may find them useful. It's up to you (and your wallet if you can't get free drachmas the way Alexander explained above ^^)

I pity the fool
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13 April, 2016, 10:49 AM UTC


this is only game, to spend like i write before couple thousand eur, is must be big fool.

if i dont produce enough or if im not good raider, i will wait , are must all time to make army?

but to spend for only 1 lvl and 1 forge 8150 drahma is madnes, where is 5 upgrade on that forge, and other 4 forge, and other inside city. 

so is much expencive, and if u have drahma emporia, u will lost more than take, on pvp we put inside deff before to take full reward, now is bad option becaause will hit u with 30-40 milions and u will lost deff without to take full reward

and for 6 drahma on hour, 5 hours is only 1 trojan from infirmary, but u will lost in that 5 hours couple milions
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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13 April, 2016, 11:23 AM UTC
By the 1000 drachma I meant the gaming contest which is frequently held in the entertainment community of the forum section, I never spoke of the rewards from pvp, that's why I asked you to read posts carefully and understand what others mean to say.
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13 April, 2016, 11:54 AM UTC

Yeah, I agree the traders Emporia produce drachmas at an awfully low rate... ^^

Especially considering how much you get bothered by people taking them for a PvP bar... :(

I pity the fool
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13 April, 2016, 4:16 PM UTC

ThatBloke, yes the port,acropolis and farm upgrade make sense here, but the lumber and forge upgrade dont really compensate the drachmas that fast by producing faster resources( Even if you get constant and steady resources, other players can raid you, thus losing the produced resources, on the other hand you can buy and use the resource packs when need arises that means its flexible and even you get discounts on them).

A normal player would only have the temples built and the temple of hermes purchased, the 35% increase still counts around 462 days + building time( more than a year!) to compensate the upgrade cost.

And if a player raids everyday, then there is surplus of resources for him to work without the sketches first of all, then the drachmas can be invested in more usefull items such as fortifications and units.

I think this point should be noted

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13 April, 2016, 6:25 PM UTC

guys , we fight for nothing, i say one time before ban i was raided and push to train for 19 days in advantage in all category army, so i dont have more for upgrade, my last lvl on agreements is near to finish, and he is mostly 4+ days one, so from raids i can only make army. so what i need more ress when i cant spend this, and give it to my coal memnber ?

that investition is poor, again, 

if u have faster production, u must make better acropolis and faster ships, thath mean also and bigger ships capacity,.  so u must upgrade all, no worth, and ok, who how like to play, there is only spending time, if some like can buy and lvl 30 i dont care, only i say no worth to spend such a big sum of money. and ress before 3-4 month was 1k 300 drahma, and going to couple thousand drahma, now ress is 100 times cheaper, 5 drahma i think for 1 k, so and this when he see that cant sell , price will fall,
Aleksandar III Makedonski
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Rob May
15 April, 2016, 7:01 PM UTC

alexandeIIImkd your math its bit well... u really don't need too much money to just upgrade to lvl 21.

but I emphasize again what this topic is about to compare value of sketches vs buying out resource packs

in bot cases, assumption is that you already own drachmas necessary for it. u can earn 10k drachmas in few months of casual play. earlier if u more active.

providing there are no wheel discount for sketches, for 10k drachmas u get 1k sketches = 8x upgrade for 120

so u can upgrade 8 out of 10 bronze/timber buildings.

I think most people have more than 1 basic artisan, if they bought them on discounts in past. so getting all 8 upgraded doesn't take that long.

but as it was said, for best value probably better to buy just resource packs or maximum to lvl 21, if you go down that route and don't spend drachmas on other stuff.

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