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persian positions - feeding

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19 March, 2016, 10:40 AM UTC

I need a d v i c e , my veteran consigliere! I searhed all night and cant get - what is "payout" in famous persian positions???? where must i push or to do w h a t a t last (when all positions has one orange stripe left) to get that mystic "payout"? What happens , when i in some position i suddenly kill all xerxes soldiers,but this position dont vanish and shows one orange stripe left? And this "position feeding" needs massiv amount of cheap soldiers ... but when i dont have resorces and men enought - so what i must do...

 ...just kill lower positions first normaly with whole armys (or can I in common way take some positins in between also)? And... what happens when i randomly some positions conquer oldfashionly with my strong armys and randomly "feeding" some positions with a lot of own men... is this "payout" can coming at te end of each position win or when all positons are done and i push green sign "finish" in events menu???

...Does it working when my " agreements" are not leveled 20 but only 8 times? isn there any stright video in youtube like... go there, push this calculate that dont do this and do that- for serious boneheads like me ?

For calc i found this link:

And i read that

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20 March, 2016, 12:03 PM UTC

Hello Archon,

Undertanding you is difficult. Why have turned all your text into a web link ???

Anyway, I can answer your first question : the payout is what you get from Persians. Your reward, in troops and resources.

When playing Persians, all values are expressed in total resources. For instance, every Agema is worth 24,277 becasue you need 5,000 timber + 12,277 bronze + 7,000 grain to build one. Simple.

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