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How to earn more points in the Position Takeover?

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18 March, 2016, 5:05 PM UTC

Archon, do you know how to earn more points in the Position Takeover and reach the top of the Ranking? 

There is one most important factor affecting the number of points you get, and that is Xerxes' Units you take down. In other words, the more Units you defeat, the more points you get. Even if you lose the battle, you earn Tournament points for Xerxes' Units you defeated.  

It is important to remember that the number of Positions you get every day is limited. 

And here is another tip for you, Archon. Do not leave Positions undefeated during this Tournament, and you will be able to earn even more points. You could even get to the top in the Rankings!

Are going to follow the advice and defeat all the Positions during this Position Takeover, Archon?

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