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why different rulles for single????

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13 March, 2016, 12:39 PM UTC

sparta or leonidas=andrew

why again after 100 time i ask, double rulles, for single players, he cant take coal reward, cant attack pan, cant take position takeover reward and many other, and when he buy army is same price like coal member. so to take him money is good, but to give some virtual drahma or 5 promo is not good.


im lvl 81, and leave game, im sad only because i lost trime to play this game, but will be very soon over, u fall faster than snow, i watch ratings, 

after like other poor game with 4-5000 players will send mails, and told to return in game and if return big rewards.

im angry because one moron, jniko from octavio coal, i destroyed, but he spend maybe 2-3000 dollars, and lose again all army, but also and i lost my 13 milions, but he lost in sum maybe 40 milions, i always say rhis game is play with brain not with force, he 10 time stronger make siege, but off for siege is so weak, and i destroy all his champs with maybe milion lose, then make only with deff ,but fail, lose maybe 5 milion only there. so when is stupid only spend, money, i finish with this, to terorise me some moron, all day send political, and tower all time under repair , no thanks, and to give me 50 milion army now i will not retun, so plarium, your angry for money and gredy for offers, destroy game, 

and u think that play real players? i know people with 30 -40 fake, and u bban me for fake, now u see i make 300k points in 1 day, so fake cant make that points , only lost good player, and other i see start leaave, nobody like buyers like jniko, octavio sebeyond mmrad.... he never see game and now like to prove some, but ok u will play with himn  fore some time

best regards to player, and i will told, u  lost only your time here. 

Aleksandar III Makedonski
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13 March, 2016, 6:30 PM UTC

AlexandeIIIMKD said:

best regards to player, and i will told, u  lost only your time here. 

Take it easy!

Not everybody feels the same! There is always two sides of a coin.

However, best wishes to you too. :)
Have Fun :)
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