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15 March, 2016, 6:16 AM UTC

You all are have right to talk in this way cozz all of you dont know nothing how i see all of you who think si strong with 100 or 200 milion army and need to be polemarch

no one is strong with largest or biggest army here the army is not inmoratl here if you win from persian or buy them with money

so dont make ilusion to yours selfs to be superior with army or cash money

knowledge is the power

no yours arrogance or ambition to be here to win for glory like a sick cozz in real life you dont have realise nothing and here is the only place when you all can show your force to weak

more of you strong player fear to play persian to loose army they have buy hahaha

is the game to play against persian of xerxe or between us

or to make rich the plarium with some idiots like you all who hav put money 60 70 age old to win glory in virtual gamne items and to tell his wife i have attack 1 guy he never come back here in my citty hahahahaha

only you complain all of you cash player have destroyed this game and plairum normal is more smart azz from you dumb donky he have a chance to be smart from your arrogance and take all of your money and now you come to forum to cry like baby so shame for you stupid player hahaha
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15 March, 2016, 9:14 AM UTC

Alvin you are talking about some of the players, not all buyers are like this and we non buyers should maintain the decorum and not speak ill of others. You cant claim anything you like. Even i have bragged to my friend showing my army hehehe.

Plarium is not a charity organisation first of all, they introduced their talents in the online gaming sector and created a game to be played freely. This helped players like us to do something exciting in our spare time and interact with players globally. Now, the Plarium people are not robots who work tirelessly for others pleasure, they need the compensation for their work, so they introduced the buying system which facilated them to earn money from their playing community.

Now like other sites like and all, their are basic registration, silver membership, gold membership and platinum membership system. You can treat this game also like this, do you want to shell out some cash and earn priveleges faster in the game or not, or you can choose the free pack and wait for an year or two be in the big league. The choice is yours
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16 March, 2016, 2:36 AM UTC

If you don't play persians, you won't get an army, period.

Try to build them yourself... Tell me when you're done, in 50 or 100 years... LOL

Else about the topic title :

You "must" not join a coaltion if you do'nt want to. It just makes the game more interesting, and it's clearly aimed at coalitions. But you're never forced to do so.

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