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redistribute Scrolls of Wisdom on the Wisdom Tree

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29 January, 2016, 7:13 PM UTC

Hi, anybody has experience with the redistribute scrolls option?

When opening the academy there is only the edit option that doesn't allow to redistribute the scrolls as you wish.

I have activated the necessary option via the menu "special" in the market to use this in the academy but I notice no way how to use the option, there are only arrows available with each icon and if you select these arrows they move the scrolls back in your stock and the scrolls have to be signed again afterwards, so instead of gaining something the scrolls disappear to stock again.. and there is no way of moving them back and you have to start all over..

It would be great if someone has more info, many thanks in advance!

Best regards

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29 January, 2016, 8:19 PM UTC

Use the scroll cypher by using the edit button. You get one free edit before you start using cyphers.

You got it right. You can refund the scrolls, but you will have to sign them again.
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30 January, 2016, 1:38 AM UTC

Hello Archon,

Most important : the cypher will be used only when you've finished removing scrolls.

It comes as a confirmation feature, so have to remove all the ones you need at the same time, then your cypher (or only free possibility) will be consumed only once at the end of the process (or you can just cancel all the changes).

So don't do it one scroll at a time, of course.

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