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account deleted

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28 January, 2016, 9:22 AM UTC
I have deleted my account. Can i restore it back. ? my coodinate is   x= -2685, y=1176
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28 January, 2016, 9:40 AM UTC

Did you try to log in?

You need not to divulge your id, email in the forum.

Try to log in & if you can't then contact the support team.
Have Fun :)
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Basileus Leonidas
28 January, 2016, 10:21 AM UTC

When you delete your account, you receive an e-mail with the link to restore your account. If you don't have this e-mail, you should contact our Support Team >

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9 March, 2016, 5:53 PM UTC

Can we actually delete our account ?

Does it just mean that we will have USER DELETED as a name and we won't be able to access it anymore ?

Then our city still exists...
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9 March, 2016, 6:07 PM UTC
yes your city still exist. it's only changing your name in "user deleted". 
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10 March, 2016, 1:46 PM UTC
That's sad, I would prefer people not to be able to raid me anymore... 
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11 March, 2016, 4:47 AM UTC
I do not know about others, but I too am experiencing raids of my sieges by so called "user deleted" cities. I must have at least three user deleted cites in my contact list where there used to be names. So now although these accounts are supposedly deleted they are somehow still active. That leaves open all kinds of scenarios for abuse of the ability to delete ones account, for example, why should someone be able to play in anonymity? Should we not have the right to know our antagonists? It also makes it easy enough for these cities to become alternate accounts, operated by someone completely different than the true owner. Further, it also creates the ability to create many cities that most would conclude are not active into farm or siege cites for the purpose of scoring well in the weekly contests, like the tribute, raid, and others. One remedy to this current situation would be that any user deleted city cannot belong to a coalition. Another helpful solution would be that these cities cannot be operated when their name is user deleted or the other variations according to the language that was used by its previous and rightful owner. There are rumors of coalitions made up of entirely alternate accounts. Easy enough to say to a player who leaves the game, hey let us use your city, you are quitting the game because of the freezes, lags, and crashes. We will even change the name so you are not identified. Alternate accounts have been part of the game since I started, 520 consecutive days ago, and there has been little done to stop it other than a few token gestures. I think this user deleted situation is ripe for abuse, which is starting to occur on a frequent basis, and needs to be addressed by Plarium before it becomes another out of control nightmare like alternate accounts have become. That, and this anonymity component are simply unacceptable and in my opinion, just another example of a disregard for players who play the game honorably and fairly.
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11 March, 2016, 6:34 AM UTC

lefeubleu said:

That's sad, I would prefer people not to be able to raid me anymore... 

Hello Archon,

As it has been said many times, this is the only way you currently get abandonned cities to collect resources and be able to progress without clashing other players all day long, so they're actually essential to other players to go on (and you're currently heavily benefitting from them).

Since your name has been removed and your account unlinked from the city, it's not yours anymore. Actually, the graphics and the objects you put inside have never been yours : both the graphics and the program code have been designed by Plarium and have always been their exclusive porperty.

Only your user account was yours, and you were just controlling a part of the multiplayer playground called "Sparta" that was lent to you by Plarium for free.

From the time you chose to abandon your account, you just give it back to Plarium, the exact same way you give back the house you were renting to its owner (I guess you won't burn it to the ground  before leaving ? :p)

Here it's exactly the same. Your name is just removed from the door and mailbox plates, and that's it.

As for house rental, anything you've modified inside the house has to be either put back to the same exact state it was when you entered, at your own expense (which can't be done here because the game allows to build, but not to destroy), or left to the owner in the state is when you leave (only those two possibilities are mentionned in the law, at least in France).

If you or your parents have been renting a home, you probably perfectly know how it works : if you've been adding bookshelves in a room, either you have to blank the holes and repaint the walls, or you have to leave the shelves in place. ;) This is just the law.

Now if you can prove you were owning the city (since it's abandonned, it cant be relocated, so you can easily prove it's yours knowing its coordinates), Plarium can link back your account to your former city if you want to come back.

Other than that, it just becomes anonymous (like a house you are leaving) and kept available for others to use as a farm (like in real life).

It's just logical actually. :)

The only advantage you have compared to house rental is only you can exclusively use it.

The only thing that can't be done to your city is giving it away to someone else, so nobody else than yourself can benefit from your remaining troops, agreements levels, etc.

I pity the fool
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11 March, 2016, 12:28 PM UTC
You may have answered the first guys questions, but you certainly did not answer mine, at least in any worthwhile or meaningful way. I want to know if Plarium is going to continue to allow this user deleted anonymity to continue. If this is allowed to continue, soon there will be as many user deleted cities as there are named ones. Oh, you just got raided, was that the user deleted at such and so coordinates or the user deleted city at some other coordinates. Ridiculous. Maybe, you thought you explained away the anonymity issue with your rental house example, but it does not cover the issue of anonymity. If this practice is allowed to continue there will be so many cities named user deleted you will be hard pressed to figure out which one of them it was that raided your city or sieges, and why should coalitions allow such cities in their coalitions? There are some who do. As Hegemon of my coalition I would not allow a city named that in my coalition. Even if you are correct about saying that only the original user account can, under the rules, operate the city and it troops, you are naïve to think that giving your city away cannot be done, otherwise there would be way less alternate cites, not alternate accounts which are another matter altogether. Really, all I ask when I write here is a plain answer, one not obscured by answers I did not ask questions to. Plainly, I am referring to the proliferation of cities on the map that are now named user deleted. If they are farms or siege cities that generate the resources we all need great, but that is not the case. Cites with the user deleted name are raiding and sieging as I write this. So, I am cllearly speaking of the ones with that name that are as active as mine, yet operate under the cloak of  anonymity, with some of them belonging to coalitions. Not only is this situation ripe for abuse, I think we have the right to know who is attacking us or our sieges. A right to face our accusers so to speak. Maybe, the remedy here then is to not allow a city to operate unless it has a name other than user deleted. Since you are fond of examples, here is one, say a herd of reindeer are going by and one of them decides to stab you with it's antlers, and does so, but the reindeer runs back into the herd where he looks like all the other reindeer, tell me how do you identify that particular reindeer as the one who stabbed you when they all look alike or for my purposes are named the same?
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12 March, 2016, 3:37 AM UTC

Hello Archon,

I Was actually answering to Lefeubleu, as you can see from the mesage I quoted.

The anonymity has been demanded by players, as apparently, they were upset other people would use their name as a target, or something like that. just read my quote from Lefeubleu to understand what could be a reason.

Plus it answers to a legal right about your personal to be removed from databases at your request.

You can't forbid anybody the right to withdraw their personal information if they don't want to give away what's rightly theirs.

I know it's apparently legal in the U.S. as Facebook can sell your personal intimate pictures, addresses or anything else personal to any mechant, pronograph, mafia or who knows what, but it is ILLEGAL in Europe, and every European citizen has the right to have all his personal information deleted if they request for it, and nobody has a right to oppose this legitimate demand.

Now if someone just want to leave the game and doesn't care for his nickname to stay there on their cities and getting bashed, then they can just leave, period.

I have many friends who have left the game over those past two years. Around 98% of them just left, so their cities are still wearing their names. A few of them have deleted their accounts, as their cities now display "User deleted". They actually are quite rare anyway.

A couple of my friends even came back to playing a few weeks ago, so they just had to log back in and recover their cities.

For players having willingly deleted their accounts, it's a bit more complicated, as Plarium as to link back their game UID to their player's account, so they can recover their city in the state they left it.

I pity the fool
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12 March, 2016, 7:02 PM UTC
You still are not addressing the real issue here, and that is simply the right of those of us who play daily to know who it is that is raiding our sieges and cities. Also, if you look you will see that there are becoming more and more of these cities with that name. I do not agree with your premise that people should be able to play anonymously. As more and more cities become user deleted, the potential for abuse is just as great as the alternate account. Your answers are speaking past the point I am trying to make. One of my players quit today and deleted his account, so his name became user deleted. Now, I could have left him in the coalition and used him as a trap, he has many raids on him daily, for points. I thought that would be an unfair tactic to use simply for gain. When players see that name, user deleted, they naturally assume the player has left the game and the city is dead or unoccupied. The potential exists also for these cities, while not created as alternate accounts, to become at the least alternate cities, which would evolve into alternate accounts. I simply disagree with your explanation that players have the right to play anonymously. Once this is allowed, which it apparently is, you are assuming it is the original owner of the city who chooses to play anonymously. The whole thing smells to me and you are not going to convince me that this is a good thing. Look back at your other explanations and you will see that you made many of these same arguments when answering the guy who wanted to come back and in subsequent posts. You cannot have it both ways, with duplicitous answers covering both sides. If they are dead and left for sieges or farms as you call them that is fine, but I am saying that more and more of them are not dead but active and are being used either by the original owner or someone who has been given the information to access it for the purposes of raiding and sieging. Either way, although they were not created as alternate accounts, they evolve into them if not used by the original owner. Further, if it is the original owner playing under the user deleted name, it seems unsavory at best and clearly, at least in my opinion, not an honorable way to play the game. As far as your point regarding a player not wanting to be targeted for or by his name, maybe he or she should examine their behavior in the game before they use anonymity as way to mask their play. Finally, the game provides a mechanism already for those who feel targeted or harassed and that is the ability to move. So, to allow people to actively play on a daily basis anonymously will, if allowed to continue, become as much of a problem in the game as alternate accounts. Kind of the best of all possible worlds for those who engage in questionable behavior or cheaters who want to have more than one city. Ignore it or try to explain it away, it will just be another negative aspect of the game that will have to be endured. But, if you keep putting rocks in a sack, at some point the sack gets full, and the ability to do anything with it will result in many simply giving up, when the cumulative effect of all the negatives that exist in the game become so frustrating and overwhelming, with the result being folks simply looking elsewhere for their entertainment.
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13 March, 2016, 4:20 AM UTC

No, it is is by no way a right.

The only right is for people to safeguard their privacy, and you have no right whatsoever to be wanting to spy on their private lives. What you're asking is criminal. We're not living in a dictatorship, I'm sorry for you.

Your answer, therefore, is "NO". You got it already.

Alternate accounts are a different problem, and it is off topic here.

If you're suspecting multi accounts use, you must transmit your proofs to Plarium using the technical support link in the game menu.

You mut not disclose any personal information here on the forum, this is illegal, not only per the forum rules, but per the law in general.

If you're being bullied ingame, you must react ingame, ideally requesting help from your coalition.

If the offender is a cheater having multiple accounts and you can prove it, Plarium will take actions against him accordingly.

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