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Monthly Developers' Feedback: July 2020

Monthly Developers' Feedback: July 2020

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AlinaCommunity Manager
Aug 12, 2020, 14:0208/12/20

Monthly Developers' Feedback: July 2020

Greetings, Archons!

It's been hot in Sparta recently, however, we're dying to share something interesting with you. Get ready for the Monthly Developers' Feedback! 

1. Increase the daily limit of Help Requests you can respond to.

After we introduced new types of Coalition Help, we've got much positive feedback from our community along with the suggestion to increase the current limit from 100 requests to 150 minimum. We know how much you like to assist your Coalition members, that's why we'll analyze if this change may overload the game or not and act accordingly. Stay tuned!

2. Extend the Olympian Allegiance after it's over. 

From the very beginning, this was planned as a time-limited program for 120 days. We didn't have intentions to extend the current program, but we promise to think about another one ;) 

3. Purchasing a Progress Pack should be counted towards the monthly quest "Get 50000 Drachmas from the Bank". 

We totally agree that it would be fair. That's why we plan to change it in future. 

4. Add possibility to send multiple Guardians to Emporia. 

We've been receiving this request for a while, however, after a deep investigation, it turned out that it's quite complicated to implement it from a technical point of view. 

5. Add more options to a Coalition's minimum Tournament Point contribution in Coalition Conflicts. 

After the new Coalition Settings Option was implemented into the game, we were surprised to see that many Coalition Hegemons want to see more options between 20 000 and 50 000 Points. We're not sure yet, so it would be nice to hear your point of view, Archons. Do you like this idea? Share your opinion in the comments below and don't forget to mention in which Tier you're currently in. 

6. Add possibility to collect Grain, Timber and Bronze produced in your City with a single click. 

We've said it before and we're ready to prove it once more - we do value your time, that's why soon you'll be able to collect the resources above in one click! Isn't it amazing? Use the time saved wisely! 

Did you enjoy reading? Then don't forget to share your suggestions in August! 

Aug 13, 2020, 20:1808/13/20
Aug 20, 2020, 22:20(edited)

Level 99, Almafuerte coalition, Valle Glorioso, .com, Hegemon (not now).

My opinion, as a player, on point 5 :

- to collect a prize should not depend only on a score, the score should be linked to the level of the player or the rank he has in the rating.

Example of a prize of 1 agema:

if a level 40 or a scholar costs 500 points to a level 120 or a pole-maker it should cost 5.000 points

Nivel 99, coalicion ALMAFUERTE, Valle glorioso, .com, Hegemon ( ahora no ).

Mi opinion, como jugador, sobre el punto 5 :

- cobrar premio no tendria que depender solo de una puntuacion, la puntuacion tendria que ir ligada al nivel del jugador o al rango que tiene en la coalicion.

Ejemplo premio de 1 agema:

si a un nivel 40 o a un erudito le cuesta 500 puntos a un nivel 120 o a un polemarca le tendria que costar 5.000 puntos. 

O lo que es lo mismo: si 1 agema le cuesta 5.000 puntos a un polemarca o nivel 120 ese agema a un erudito o nivel 40 le tendría que costar solo 500 puntos. 

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