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Monthly Developers' Feedback: February 2020

Monthly Developers' Feedback: February 2020

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AlinaCommunity Manager
Mar 24, 2020, 09:1203/24/20

Monthly Developers' Feedback: February 2020

Greetings, Archons! 

Spring is here! So, it's high time to share Monthly Developers' Feedback for February with you. 

1. Turn off the notification that tells you there is not enough grain production when you try to purchase units.

We understand that this notification may seem useless to our experienced players. However, there are still newbies who may find it useful. After much consideration, we've decided to turn off this notification for those players who are of level 60 and higher. 

What do you think about this change? Please let us know your opinion in the comments. Don't forget to indicate your level! It would be interesting to see the results.

2. Increase the number of symbols for the in-game messages. 

Currently, the limit is set to 600 symbols. Some players would like it to be increased. Unfortunately, it may significantly overload our server. That's why we have to decline this suggestion. Remember, brevity is the soul of wit!

3. Add your total points earned in the Coalition Conflict Tournament to the letter from Leonidas. 

We know how much our players like to analyze the Coalition Conflict Tournament results, and we don't want to take it from you. That's why we've decided to add your total points earned in the tournament to the letter from Leonidas. We do hope this information will be useful. 

4. Make the icons of Energy and Energy refill less similar. 

Many players complain that the Energy and Energy refill icons look almost the same. Some players get extremely disappointed when they await to get 10 Energy refills, for example, and instead, they receive 10 points of Energy. Usually, we don't like to change anything that is already in the game for a long time because some players might have got used to it. However, we see that there're many complaints, that's why our designers will think how we can change it nicely. 

And do you face any issues with identifying Energy and Energy refill? Please let us know in the comments below.

5. Add a possibility to open 10 Basic Summoning Bonds at the same time.

We know how much Archons value their time, that's why we've decided to add a possibility to open 10 Basic Summoning Bonds at the same time. Happy summoning!

We're very grateful to you for your suggestions. Don't forget to submit your ideas in March and take care! 

Apr 4, 2020, 14:1904/04/20

1 is best i am lvl 100

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