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Monthly Developers' Feedback: January 2020

Monthly Developers' Feedback: January 2020

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Feb 14, 2020, 17:0502/14/20

Monthly Developers' Feedback: January 2020

Greetings, Archons! 

It's time for another Monthly Developers' Feedback. We're going to share some valuable insights for January with you. 

1. Some players wonder if we're going to change our limits for sending resources to other players. Currently, you can send 50k maximum. A lot of experienced players have a sincere desire to lend a hand to our newbies and consider 50k of resources as a mere fraction of what they can actually give. 

We understand that experienced players have more than enough resources and we're pleased to see how helpful they would like to be to our newcomers. It's noble, indeed! However, we're afraid that unfair players may take advantage of this possible change. Moreover, new players' Warehouses have low capacity and cannot accommodate too many resources. 

2. Add a separate branch to the Academy for the Elysian units. Currently, there is one training queue for all types of units, and it takes a significant amount of time to train them. Some players suggest a possibility to boost the training time for the Elysian units only. 

We understand that it's always a good idea to save up some time, that's why we'll think about it. Also, we would like to note that soon we're going to introduce a new Guardian who can be really helpful in boosting your Elysian training queue. 

3. Add "Claim all" button for the Achievements in the Coalition Conflict Tournament since it's too tiresome to claim all of them manually.

We don't want our players to spend more time claiming their rewards than earning them, that's why we're totally up to it! 

4. Allow auto purchase of the Resource Production items through the items that players already have, not for Drachmas. 

Now when players would like to auto purchase the Resource Production items, it's done for Drachmas. We agree that it would be better to auto purchase them through the items that are available on the account and only when there are no items left, for Drachmas. Soon you'll see this change in the game, so stay tuned!

5. Add possibility to search for players in the hostile Coalition. 

That's an interesting suggestion that caught our attention. If players would like to search for their enemies quicker, we don't mind it and we'll think how to implement it nicely. 

As always, thank you for sharing your suggestions with us. Don't forget to submit the new ones in February!

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