Monthly Developers' Feedback: August 2019

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12 September, 2019, 2:41 PM UTC

Greetings Spartans! 

It's already autumn now, which means it's time for Monthly Developers' Feedback for August. You'll find it below.

1. Add possibility to see your registration date in the game.

We know that some players wait for their anniversary like for their own birthday and we don't want to take away all the pleasure of waiting from them, so we're going to add this feature.

2. Add possibility to filter troops in Infirmary ""From strong to weak""/""From weak to strong"".

Our team agrees that in this case it will be more convenient to heal your strongest or weakest troops. This filter will be added in future.

3. Add more activities to the Coalition Conflict Tournament like using Orichalcum or upgrading Pantheons and receiving points for them. 

We agree that the more activities we have during the Coalition Conflict, the more fun it will be. So, let's do it!

4. Add feature to save presets for your General. If you want to switch the gear, you just choose it and change it with one click and there is no need to choose every item.

This is a great idea! It would be great to implement it.

5. Let small Coalitions unite into one standard Coalition.

We don't think it's a good idea. We believe that players from small Coalitions should be interested in their Coalition development. For now, we can say that small Coalitions can partake in the Coalition Conflict Tournament and recruit more players to succeed in it to be able to get more rewards. 

6. Let Coalition Leaders check the activity of each player after the end of the Coalition Conflict Tournament and add a possibility to filter players by name.

At the moment Coalition Leaders can check the activity of each player when the tournament is on and we believe that it's enough. Also, we don't plan to add the filter ""by Name"" as the Coalition Leader can scroll the list of players by Rank and check the results.

Thank you for your suggestions. Hurry up to submit your suggestion to see it in the Monthly Developers' Feedback for September! 

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