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Monthly Developers' Feedback: May 2019

Monthly Developers' Feedback: May 2019

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May 16, 2019, 11:3905/16/19

Monthly Developers' Feedback: May 2019

Hello, Spartans. I apologize for such a long delay with this post. Anyway, now I have some feedback from our dev's team and will gladly share it with you. Devs are going to release:

1. Increase the limit of resources players can get from trading items for resources.

2. Add a history of usage Orichalcum on Pans.

3. Add new reports filter to Diplomacy section (to get the reports when someone attacks your ally).

4. Increase the limit of symbols players can enter using "Add to contact" option.

Devs are not going to release:

1. Add new Coalition Role (between Hegemon and Pole)

2. Set a separate schedule for extra raids during the appropriate "Extra Raid" events.

3. Guardians. Make a resize of Guardians icons in the Guardians tab.

4. Allow seeing the diplomatic status between Coalitions when checking the City from the map.

I hope this information will be useful. 

Jun 20, 2019, 19:5306/20/19

 1.   Having trouble with mouse functioning correctly- seems to drift and hit something other than what I want.  Can't be my mouse, it's brand new.

2. Used to be when we were mixing elixirs, the screen would stay on the page I was working. Now after each action, it goes back to page one. This is extremely cumbersome, cause now I have to click back to the page I was working on. When I have a lot of elixirs it takes me much longer to mix. I don't want to mix ALL, because I don't have lots of caduceus's, so I use lvl 4 a lot. Please change back to where it doesn't default back to page one. 

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