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Balance between Strong/old and New Coalitions

Balance between Strong/old and New Coalitions

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Dec 5, 2021, 19:5412/05/21

Balance between Strong/old and New Coalitions

Many people including myself want to open a new coalition. But running a new coalition is itself very difficult due to the following reasons:

1. Too Easy to get reward many Coalition Tournaments: At present, there are too many coalitions
   tournaments such as Resource rush, Position takeovers, PvP warfare

  • In these tournaments, participants only need to score a meager point (50 in resource rush, 500 position takeover, 200 in PVP tournament) to get coalition rewards. 
  • It is a known fact that Stronger and larger coalitions do extremely well as compared to weaker/newer coalitions.

2. Weekly Coalition Conflict: Similar to the Coalition Tournaments but even more dangerous.

  • Players of top Coalitions are able to get top-notch rewards while weaker coalitions have to remain satisfied with much lesser rewards.
  • Again players need only meager points to receive all the rewards

3. Guardian Duel: Only Stronger Coas can get the holy summoning bond

My Take:

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, new players are inclined towards joining stronger and better coalitions and a chance for the game expanding by the formation of newer challengers looks really bleak. 

I also believe it is one of the main reasons why people are leaving this game because today there are just a handful of coalitions remaining worthy of joining.  

Also, Stronger Coalition Players bully the weaker ones rather consistently making it very difficult for the Coalition Hegemon to even run the coalition.

 Most Smaller Coalitions today are left with a meager 2-3 players which I think you would have noticed. 

This pathetic state of smaller Coalitions needs to be addressed with immediate steps from your end.

As a returning player from 2014, I found this to be the most drastic change in the game. Yes the game has certainly improved on speed of play considering the number of gifts has definitely increased but in that era (2014) I remember there used to be a lot more coalitions and opening a new coalition was definitely considerable. Now that I can't even think of opening one considering how badly it would affect my gameplay. 

As it stands I find Plarium genuinely discouraging the creation of new coalitions.

Some Suggestions:

  • Increase the minimum points to get rewards. Make getting coalition rewards more difficult with increasing coalition strength. For example, make the minimum point dynamic(Change every 2-3 hrs) or minimum point required would be a fraction of the performance of the coalition in the last attempt.
  • Weaker Coalitions should be offered similar rewards but at lesser points depending on previous points scored.

I think at present that the cult acolyte is probably the only tournament that has some fairness and gives some chances to the weaker coalition to fight. 

Dec 13, 2021, 03:4812/13/21
Dec 13, 2021, 03:48(edited)

You are absoulutely spot on with this statement. The Coalitions that are worth joining all have these absurd requirements that new players or even players below level 90 can't even accomplish. It comes down to how much are you willing to spend. And yes, I find there is a lot of bullying and rudeness among high level players against lower level members. It's not worth the agony dealing with these high leveled "coiners" just to be a part of a top rated Coalition. I find the game fun, rewarding and much improved but I'm afraid it may be a little too late bringing in new players again. I'm personally tired of dealing with everyone over level 100 and miss the days when there were lots of level 50 and below players just getting started. If plarium doesn't find a way to make new coalitions able to compete on a "level" playing field this game might be finished. New players want to be able to compete without having to spend their life savings. It's ok if you do just don't punish those who do not have the funds. I think it woudl be a great idea if plarium did not allow cities over a certain level to be able to attack lower level cities. Let the strong fight against the strong and the weaker fight against the weaker. It sucks putting in all your time and effort building a city just to have some high level "coiner" come along and raid you, seige you and make you just want to throw your hands in the air and give up.   

Dec 20, 2021, 11:3912/20/21

That is a very good analysis and suggestion! thumbs up from here!