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A Quick Guide to Building Units for the newer player and non coiner

A Quick Guide to Building Units for the newer player and non coiner

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Feb 9, 2017, 19:1502/09/17

A Quick Guide to Building Units for the newer player and non coiner


Not everyone has the time to sit for hours monitoring their account all week long so here are some tips to keep those unit queue’s up and make sure you are less likely to be raided!

All it takes is 2 to 3 short log ins a day

1) SPEND DOWN YOUR RESOURCES! This helps you avoid being a “farm”

2) SEND FRESH BUILDS STRAIGHT TO THE ACROPOLIS! This helps prevent you losing newly built units, especially important during PvP

3) Try to do at least 4 or 4 raids each time to close by “dead” cities. Even level 15 to 30 cities can have surprising amounts of resources in them

4) Leave spying and heavy resource raids for when you have some time free.

If your resource buildings are Level 20 or above spending down is especially important

Spending resources effectively

Do this well with a good combination of units in your queues and you will only have unprotected grain that can be lost if you are raided while offline.

Myms, hops -------- can't get enough of these

Sariss --if you want the extra punch .

Trojans, if not building Saris ----- you don't need to build Thureous , just win them

MPs -------- build these when you have offence cooking on the other queues to spend your excess timber

Reverse this occasionally with this combination:

Cretans , javs , Offence Phalanx and Offence Cav, Javs , Myms , Trojans , Offence Cav

Smart management of resources.

If you have 30 k timber , 30 k Bronze ......what do you do ?

Do not just spend ALL on a single unit type spend some of the bronze on a few hops and myms and use up timber on Trojans.

What you want to aim for is filling the queue for a few hours. Aim for about 6-8 hrs, the time you won't be online, so that when you do log on next , you repeat the process and send to acropolis what you just built

Those cheap resource packs? This is why participation in PVP events is essential as you need the rewards to buy the occasional 30 k of bronze or Timber to balance the queue if you overspend on one of them and still have some of the other resource.

Keep building up your Denarii. Use this to fill the Cav queue with Legates when you have no resources It is very easy for a non-coiner to build 250-350 k offence AND 100-150 k defence a week with minimal raiding

For those that have backed up build queues more than 2 days long, you have flexibility to pick and choose units to build but the same principle applies; Balanced spending so that you leave no resources for a potential raider.

Big thanks to Charles Stewart Lee of ATNA Alliance for producing a detailed guide, I used it heavily to create this one

Feb 9, 2017, 19:3602/09/17

Wow great post! Very useful and inclusive especially for newer players! Great job Morteeee very impressive!  

Spending down proportionally is so essential for all the players. I keep saying the same thing to my guys all the time! Some just don't seem to follow my advice (too bad for them)!
I actually follow the same guideline myself! I build myrms, hops and saris and MP's to counterbalance the timber.
I've also heard about some players who build only offence use the port to trade the remaining timber for bronze for 1:1
I woulnd't vote for it though cause timber and bronze are hard to find if you don't have high resource production or if you don't raid to get them.

Doing the personal quests also helps you get the resources that are given there and i find it really important too! 

Apr 26, 2017, 14:1504/26/17
it was perfect , thank you