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Champion Agreements. Dev Notes

Champion Agreements. Dev Notes

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Champion Agreements. Dev Notes

Archons, a long-awaited feature is here!

From now on, you can improve your Champion Units by signing and updating Champion

It will take time, but the results are worth the wait!

Access to Champion Agreements

Archons Level 50 or higher can access these Agreements by holding their cursor over the
"Agreements" icon on the right-hand menu, then selecting "Champion Agreements" from the

Signing and Updating Champion Agreements

There are Champion Agreements for improving the following Units: Cataphracts, War
Elephants, Scorpios, Fire Catapults, Spartan Lochagoi, Hypaspists, Spartan Sminias,
Standard-Bearers, and Amazonian Warriors.

Each of these Units now has two aspects that can be upgraded:

1. Support Bonus. Increase the Offense, Defense, or Spying Bonus that the Champion receives
from each Unit in their Supporting Group.

2. Support Size. Increase the maximum size of the Champion's Supporting Group.


The Champion Agreement Bonus to Offense, Defense, or Spying will only apply if you send at
least ONE Supporting Unit alongside the Champion.

You will need Timber, Bronze, Grain, and Upgrade Sketches to update these Agreements. It will
take some time, but you can boost them like ordinary Agreements.

Also, as usual, you can cancel the signing of a Champion Agreement and recover a percentage
of the Resources you invested.

Champion Agreement Signing Queue

Champion Agreements have a separate Signing Queue, letting you sign or update them
alongside your regular Agreements.

You can get an additional Champion Signing Queue with a special Item - the Champion
Emissary. The Champion Emissary is temporary, and can be obtained in some special Offers.
With it, you can sign or update two Champion Agreements simultaneously, much like the normal

Note: Any Champion Agreements being signed or updated when the Champion Emissary
expires will continue until finished.

No Articles are required to unlock Champion Agreements. They can all be signed immediately
upon accessing the feature.

Moreover, no Champion Agreement is dependent on any other, so you can sign them in any
order you like.

Choose the Unit you want to upgrade and get started right away!

Champion Agreement Bonuses

All Bonuses that accelerate Agreement signing speed work on Champion Agreements as well.

Now, seek the aid of cities near and far, build up the power of your Champions, and field an
army that could conquer all of Hellas!