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The Coalition Arena Event. Dev Notes

The Coalition Arena Event. Dev Notes

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Nov 12, 2019, 16:1411/12/19

The Coalition Arena Event. Dev Notes

Coalitions now have access to the Coalition Arena Event! 

Gather your Coalition Members in this new Event and prepare to battle hundreds of combatants. Develop a strategy and coordinate with your fellow Coalition Members to achieve victory!


The Coalition Arena is a special time-limited event that allows Coalition Members to work together by sending their strongest Guardians to battle Challengers.

These Challengers have come from far and wide at your Coalition’s request, and your Guardians must prove their valor against these warriors in single combat. Victory leads to Guardian XP and incredible Rewards!

Only fully-fledged Coalition Members with access to Guardians can participate in the Coalition Arena Event.

The Arena is split into Rings. In the Rings await Challengers, who wish to test your Guardians. You will need to defeat all of the Challengers in each Ring in order to progress to the next. Coalitions that clear all the Rings in the Arena will be richly rewarded!


Challengers have Levels and some - but not all - have Affinities. If your Guardian’s Affinity beats a Challenger’s Affinity, your Guardian will get a 25% Attack Boost in the battle. This increase will be applied to the total power of the attack. If your attack results in a Critical Strike, the Affinity Bonus will be applied to the total power of the Critical Strike.

Challengers cannot receive Affinity Bonuses. Thanks to Affinities, you can sometimes choose to send a weaker Guardian to clear a powerful Challenger. Just make sure you've thought through your strategy and ensured that your Guardian has the right Affinity!


Each Coalition Member can use only 1 Guardian of each Type during the Coalition Arena Event.

For example, if you use the Saboteur (Guardian Type: Emporium Offense), any other Saboteur Guardians you have will be blocked from entering the Arena until the next Event. This means that to succeed, each Coalition Member should have various Guardian Types.

Certain Arena Rings can only be cleared by certain Guardians. For example, Guardians of all Rarity Grades are able to clear the first 20 Rings, but only Guardians of Rarity Grade V are able to clear the Arena’s final 5 Rings.

Note: It's vital to defeat Challengers in single battles. While a Guardian's attack reduces a Challenger’s HP and weakens them for your other Guardians, you can only send so many Guardians to the Arena in each Event. As a result, the more Guardians it takes to defeat a Challenger, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to reach the higher Rings in the Arena.

Once you’ve cleared the first Ring of the Arena, you’ll be able to use a Guardian Type Unblocker. However, you can only unblock each Guardian Type ONCE. You won’t be able to clear the entire Arena all on your own. It will take the coordination of your entire Coalition to defeat all of the Challengers.


Rewards you receive for clearing Arena Rings are divided into 4 types:

Personal Rewards. You receive these Rewards for defeating Challengers in Rings. This Reward is the same as the one you would receive from defeating Warlords in the Guardian window.

Rewards for Deeds. You receive this Reward for completing Deeds from the “Deeds” sub-tab.

Milestone Ring Rewards. This Reward is given to the Coalition upon successfully clearing a Milestone Ring. To receive this Reward, you must have defeated at least one Challenger within a given number of Rings.

Special Coalition Rewards. These Rewards are given to Coalitions that successfully clear Rings 30, 50, and 100. To receive them, you must have defeated at least one Challenger during the current Coalition Arena Event.

Most Rewards gained during the Coalition Arena Event can be claimed once it ends. The Guardian XP and Energy gained in battles against Challengers are, of course, added as soon as you earn them.


Adventurers are a special type of Guardian. They were once Challengers, but after witnessing your Guardians' skill and honor, they have agreed to live in your City and train your forces. They cannot participate in battles, but when they are retired they give huge amounts of Guardian XP to a chosen Guardian.

You will receive Adventurers as part of your Coalition's Milestone Rewards. Adventurers also have Levels, Ranks, and Rarity Grades. You can increase their Levels and Ranks but they cannot be Enlightened. Adventurers mainly help to improve other Guardians. To increase a Guardian's Rank, you can retire Adventurers of the same Rank and Rarity Grade.

Adventurers gained as Rewards are sent to the “Goods” tab of the Inbox window. You’ll be able to send Adventurers to the slots in the Guardians window for a limited time. If you fail to do this before time runs out, the Adventurers will depart for their homes and be lost.


There are two ways in which you and your Coalition are Ranked in the Coalition Arena:

1) Your Coalition’s position in the Rankings will be calculated according to the highest Ring you are able to clear during the Coalition Arena Event. The higher the Ring, the higher your position in the Rankings!

2) Your position in the Coalition Rankings will be calculated according to how much damage you inflicted on Challengers compared to the other warriors in your Coalition.


Here are some tips to help you achieve success in the Coalition Arena Event:

Save your strongest Guardians for later. More powerful Challengers appear the further into the Arena you go, so you’d be wise to use your less powerful Guardians in the lower Rings.

Communicate with your fellow Coalition Members to find out which Guardians they have. This way you can develop an effective strategy and send the most suitable Guardian to defeat each Challenger. To help your Coalition, a chat has been added containing information about the current Coalition Arena Event.

Increase your Coalition’s numbers. The more active Members you have in your Coalition, the better your chances of reaching and clearing Ring 100.

Upgrade your Guardians and get additional Guardian Types.

Follow these hints and you're sure to achieve victory. Adventure awaits you, along with thrilling Rewards!