The Infamous Postitons Discussion 2019

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2 February, 2019, 1:47 PM UTC

It seems even to this day there is speculation on how it still works, I myself have been able to figure out some of the inter-workings of the system. I have not thought of what Meritus said above about only using light troops, I think its a great idea, in my opinion, I plan to do that from now on, so thanks for the help. Now let's get to some of the meat.

So if you have seen, pps will, in fact, give you lots of resources. this can be used to our advantage. If you choose to attack when your entire resource capacity has been met the position rewards will have no choice but to give you reward in only troops, it will not even try to give you more then the average 100 bronze, grain, and timber. this, in turn, allows us to regain some of that valuable time training.

low levels that have replenished (about lvl 1-30) will not give us more then we attacked with because if it did, it would be the easiest way to farm soldiers and train them at the same time. so when we try and do the highest mission available, we can get a fresh fight, one that will give us more soldiers on the average, as long as we have, enough soldiers. Though don't get me wrong, I don't think ANYONE has found what is considered "enough".

lastly, this is the dumb part, you can only get a "Good Raid" 1-3 times a day, continuously trying to raid will actually lower your chances of getting you more soldiers.

so taking all in will GREATLY help in your chances of getting booty. I would like to hear any additional discoveries or thoughts of any veterans

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5 February, 2019, 7:44 AM UTC

Thank you for your input Miles.

You are perfectly right to use light infantry as they are easy to build and affordable.

Once all agreements and unit ranks are as high as possible to be able to benefit from the Agreement Bonus which will improve significantly the Combat Stats.

Will also be a good idea to spend some time on upgrading:

The Guardians: Priestess (position defense ) 

                          Ambusher (position offense)

This way you can have a better chance on minimizing your unit loss and get a greater damage to the Persian forces.

I hope this helps.

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