New Coalition Achievements

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28 April, 2016, 3:33 PM UTC

New Coalition Achievements! Colossal Rewards!

Prove Your Coalitions Superiority!


The gods have bestowed fortune upon you and your Coalition! Like the succulent olives of Crete, new Coalition Achievements are now ripe for the picking! Work together with your fellow Coalition Members to lay waste to your rivals and receive colossal Rewards!

Two of the new Achievements can only be accomplished by Coalitions who have their Coalition Capitals up and running: if your Coalition has not already built its Coalition Capital, now is the perfect opportunity to do so! Make haste, Archon!

The new Coalition Achievements are as follows:

The Blessed of Bia – For Coalitions that defeat the indicated number of Phalanx Units at enemy Pantheons.

Guild of Enyo - For Coalitions that defeat the indicated number of Heavy Infantry Units at enemy Pantheons.

Spirit of the Machai - For Coalitions that defeat the indicated number of Light Infantry Units at enemy Pantheons.

Children of Kratos – Awarded to Coalitions that upgrade their Coalition Capitals to the indicated Level.

Alastor’s Way - Awarded to Coalitions that downgrade enemy Coalition Capitals (of Level 10 or higher) the indicated number of times.

Complete these Achievements with your Coalition to receive powerful new Units, improve your Coalition’s Influence, and climb up the Coalition Rankings!

May the gods guide your Coalition to glory!

Basileus Leonidas

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