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New Heavy Infantry Champion Units

New Heavy Infantry Champion Units

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Sep 26, 2020, 13:1109/26/20

New Heavy Infantry Champion Units

New Heavy Infantry Champion Units 

Get New PvP Champions That Revive The Fallen!


Powerful new Heavy Infantry Champion Units have arrived in Hellas from the cold, northern realms: the Teutonic Exile, and the Scordiscian Bonewalker. You can obtain these fearsome warriors from certain Special Offers.

These Units each have their own strengths. Scordiscian Bonewalkers are best used in your defensive strategies, while Teutonic Raiders work best when leading an attack.

These Units have a special ability: some Supporting Units that fall in PvP battles are revived for free! The percentage of Units revived depends on the level of your Infirmary. With these mighty warriors in battle, the safety of your Units is assured. Provided you do not forget to claim them from the Infirmary after the battle is done, of course.

As with all Champion Units, these warriors fight best when accompanied by fellow soldiers. Only Defensive Heavy Infantry Units can support the Scordiscian Bonewalker, and only Offensive Heavy Infantry Units can support the Teutonic Exile.

Bring the ferocity of these northern warriors to the field, let them use their crude strength to protect your soldiers, and fight for lasting peace in Hellas!

Basileus Leonidas