A New Tournament Has Begun - Emporium Occupation!

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28 January, 2016, 11:28 AM UTC

A New Tournament Has Begun - Emporium Occupation!

Capture Emporia, Collect Resources and Win Big Rewards!

In this Tournament, there are two ways to earn Tournament Points. You are hereby tasked with capturing, occupying and defending Emporia across Hellas.

You shall receive Tournament Points for all the Resources you successfully collect from Emporia. Thus, the longer you hold these sites, and the more Defensive Units you have stationed there to gather and load Resources, the higher your score shall be. Note: Different Resources grant different amounts of Tournament Points. 10 Drachmas collected, for example, are worth more Tournament Points than 10 Grain.

You shall also receive Tournament Points for any enemy Units you destroy in battle at Emporia – regardless of whether you are on the offensive or defensive side, and regardless of whether you win or lose the battle.

Do not take this lightly, Archons – the stakes in such Tournaments are high. The more Tournament Points you receive, the greater your rewards will be once the Tournament has ended. If you earn enough Points to place in the top of the Rankings, additional prizes await you!

Go forth and claim what is yours!

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29 January, 2016, 6:28 AM UTC
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