Main city articles after discovering the elyssian city

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2 June, 2019, 6:19 PM UTC

Hi, I have rush in a straight line with signing articles to reach Sparta asap, i had help from my coalition long time players, I traded to get the articles i needed and i also bought a few in the market when no trade was available. The result is I have discovered the elyssian city very fast but I have left some articles unsigned in the main city articles tree. (see the picture)

Now my question is will i still be able to receive those articles (the one i need in the picture) as part of the daily article everybody receive or not?

I'm asking because since I've open the new city all my free articles have been elyssian so i'm starting to worry that once you open the ellyssian city your daily free article is only ellyssian which would be a rather big problem.

Btw those articles i need are just normal articles not gp one, I have signed all the gp one already.

If you had normal articles in your daily drop after opening the elyssian city please let me know.

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2 June, 2019, 6:56 PM UTC

The question is good and I'll transfer it to the support team.

I think you give the answer: you start to receive the eliseos articles and until you finish you will not be given the normal ones, it should not be so they were always randomly received from the ones you were missing.

We will have an answer and I will comment.

La pregunta es buena y la trasladare al equipo de soporte.

Creo que tu das la respuesta : empiezas a recibir los articulos eliseos y hasta que no termines no te daran de los normales, no deberia ser asi pues siempre se recibian aleatoriamente de los que te faltaban.

tendremos respuesta y ya os comentare.

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2 June, 2019, 7:35 PM UTC
thank you for the fast reply.
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