The Mighty HOBs

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13 May, 2019, 8:57 AM UTC

They call themself   " warriors"  when their real  names  are  Bullies  & Assholes.

Lets hope they get climax with such acts of bravoury

Then you wonder why  players quit the game after few months when you have such assholes hamering all small players

HOB was shortly a coa ( 1 year ) and  lately became  the refuge of  Sparta Moron´s 

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13 May, 2019, 1:12 PM UTC

CU BREVHARTE those battles are disturbing.

1.) Because of the difference in levels


2.) There is no one in your coalition named Marco Polo Killing Hobbit-Mr. Bean or  Giacomo -War Engine.

I am trying to chose a side here and your thread is making it difficult. Perhaps we could compare screenshots of your coalition membership and show me where these CU members are?

Thanks for your time.

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