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Nordman cap AND  pan

Nordman cap AND pan

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Oct 15, 2018, 21:4810/15/18

Nordman cap AND pan

so  many threats , so many promises .,,,but noone touching nordman ...I see they have pan a long time now ,,,and i don t see in defence stats usually nord players  you want to kill a cap when you can t even hit a pan aren  t even trying....the only thing i am  hearing now is that everyone is hitting cu ...So i guess all the hate for nordmans turn to CU? ( because they cannot bring nord down? ).. pff i guess nords ar the true winners of this server...even 20 coa together they cannot do  sh1t :D

Oct 15, 2018, 23:3710/15/18
Oct 16, 2018, 02:14(edited)

I dont know anything about server 1. But I like it Mr Chester / what sound to be a Nordmann member/ally. You win the imaginary trophy for spending most dollars, wasting most time, good for you, now lets move on. 

Its a great idea to annouce them winner. Nords win. Next server. Which is server 2... is where I am.. aaand there is really only a few competing for that title here aswell. So. Then we all move to server 3. - as soon as we see 1 coalition too strong we leave the game and force plarium to open a new server or kill the game.. and so on.. forever. It would get quite boring to start all over again and again... But on the other hand... We would get rid of some huge coiners/the way plarium play/make us play the game... - unless they are willing to pay money/time as said before over and over and over again. I like it.          

So lets annouce it. Congratulations to Nordmann. You had more money than anyone els. Maybe you are conneted to Plarium. Maybe you hacked the game. Maybe someone could hack you and share the truth about these very huge players, not just in Nordmann so yeah you get my point.. Right anyways, you are the winner CONGRATULATIONS!

See you all at server 2 soon where we annouce the winner soon. I am thinking we could jump servers once every 3 months until no one has an interest in spending sooo much money here. And that way... get a semi fun game we can play on the side of our lives.

Just kidding. Or did I. But. The most hurtful thing you, enemies of nords could do.. is actually just leave them alone/leave the server. Its a win on both sides as I see it. Well three sides actually. 1. Nords will feel they won. 2. You know how much money/time they spend, that will then be for no reason. so you sort of win a battle here I guess - sure the imaginary trophy they still win ofcourse. 3. some of you might start play on server 2. - until we notice that some players with very small you know what and people with money all are in the same coalition... same thing. Next server. And this story could really continue forever. I like it.

Lets gooo