Former Military with severe PTSD

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21 April, 2017, 9:10 AM UTC

  1st of all I am former military,  I spent 8 yrs in the USMC. I was a 1st. Lt. with special trading, excuse me for the run on just want to make sure you whom I am. 

   My question, finally, do any of you former military who have been diagnosed with severe PTSD find that games like these seem to help to deal with the problems that arise from PTSD? My psychiatrist recommended a game like this to help myself in dealing with all the damn affects and effects of this f'd up PTSD to help me. I'm not if it will work yet or not, but at my wits ends . 2 years ago a friend of a friend was put in the hospital by me because lighting a M80 under my chair at a Marine friends house to f with me. Everyone there knew I would go inside when the fireworks started with my head phones. I feel bad for the guy because I just reacted and messes him up pretty bad, spent 3.5 weeks in jail, charges were dropped and the f'n asshole try to sue me. Thank God the judge threw it out. Anyway, I apologize for going on like that.

    If any of you know where I'm coming please get back to me before I get to involved in this game.

             Much appreciated,

                 1st Lt. USMC


William D McDaniel
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21 April, 2017, 9:58 AM UTC

Greetings, Thumpers1127!

There are many players like you in our game. Former military, war veterans... Actually, I've never thought of how our game could help such people with their problems. But I'm very happy to hear that it might have a positive effect. 

You are always welcomed on forum, and if you have any game-related questions, feel free to ask, we will gladly help you and guide you through the world of Soldiers Inc.!

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3 July, 2017, 7:40 AM UTC

Thumpers/1st LT/William: I'm working on some local initiatives that include trauma alleviation with veterans and have been doing some research on trauma (more from domestic abuse/community violence rather than through any military experience--I was and am civilian ) and can hazard a few informed guesses so consider with grains of salt and check in with trained/certified professionals too.

For occupying yourself with something to do if you're dealing with anxiety, I think a game like this definitely can give some momentary relief--lots of busy work and some clarity of focus.

In most endeavors:
1) clarity of purpose
2) sense of belonging/community
3) sense of progress/feedback
are crucial characteristics for fulfillment (these come from research by a company offshoot of Zappos called Delivering Happiness)

So a game like this might help in cutting down anxiety if you can find those three elements in it. That's partly what got me playing, though it's also easy to get sucked into idling rather than working on things I need to do elsewhere in life. That said, make conscientious choices to discern between momentary coping and steps to recovery. It's a bit like the difference between tactics and strategy--if you've got the big-picture end-goal in mind, you can always take a moment to check in to see how your tools are serving you and revise your course of action.

When it comes to dealing with trauma as I know it:
having places/people with whom you can safely let the threshold of your behaviors *fail* among people who care is tremendous. You're literally training your brain and body to learn that its boundaries for reality can be updated to the new environments you're in now, and sometimes need time to distinguish and reinterpret nuanced details from very basic things in life. Those kinds of challenges often require a community to help co-create and reinforce the context of a new reality that you're working to reconcile with your past.

In my experience, most mental health systems in the U.S. tend to operate in ways that can be isolating experiences that need more context.

Being able to find places that also informally and intentionally explore challenging experiences, and uphold a common interest in healing or re-contextualizing yourself (re-integration from military to civilian life for example, or in my case, reinterpreting how people ask questions as mostly out of genuine curiosity rather than out of hostility) is important.

Sometimes a game like this one--which has both a social and maybe(?) simulation component--can help with some of those options if you're able to see/observe some behaviors in the game/as you play the game and distinguish whether they're relevant to the actual environment/reality you're currently in.

That said, a game where its play, forums, and community probably weren't focused on mental health might not be the best place since that's not its primary priority. But it might be a good enough/best available choice and that's okay too. It might also boil down to what you're personally willing to make of the experience or where you're willing to look for fulfilling some of those needs.

I guess one question to ask yourself is how would you define or characterize healing/recovery?
My personal characteristics revolve around taking care of personal needs. i.e. does doing ____ contribute to me taking care of my near, mid, and/or long-term needs?

Next, what do you see in this game and the people you can interact with in the forums that might align with that definition?

I'll need to figure out how to log into this account again but I'd be happy to chat further as feasible, share more in-depth thoughts or resources that I found useful for myself and friends if you'd like.

Thanks for sharing your story and question 1st LT, be well and wishing you the best!

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3 July, 2017, 5:33 PM UTC

Hey there Sir;

Prior military myself.. and I find games like this to help sometimes.  I don't have PTSD, but i guess it makes me feel a bit still attached!  Not sure but ever need to chat, fellow devil dog myself.. wanted to reach out say shoot me a message.
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19 October, 2017, 8:21 AM UTC
I have PTSD as well. I was in Desert Storm 91 and Iraq Freedom 3 05. This game is relaxing to me. I also play World of Tanks as well. There is no killing of people or any blood shed in these games. I can deal with these types of games.
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19 October, 2017, 10:33 PM UTC
Commander..I am glad that these games help you..I personally want to thank Every Military member for their great sacrifice and brave service!...I salute you guys
Robert Shatz
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17 December, 2017, 3:10 PM UTC

i wasn't military, but i do have PTSD. and this game is one of those things that helps me get by day to day.

when i start pacing the house looking for something, but can't find what it is, it's time to get on soldiers inc.

it calms me down.
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