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Implemented suggestions

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13 May, 2016, 1:45 PM UTC

Commanders, welcome to the thread where we list the improvements suggested by our valued community that were introduced to the game.

Please read this thread before posting your own suggestion.

1. Repositories. Many players asked to remove the 1-hour limit on collecting Resources from Depots. Besides, players were unable to collect Resources since high-level players were controlling all the Depots; sometimes an entire Combine would be defending one Depot.

The developers redesigned the concept altogether: they removed the 1-hour limit, divided players into several groups according to their level, and removed the possibility to reinforce Repositories.

2. New building levels. A lot of players were saying that their Combat Engineers had nothing to do in the Base.

The developers introduced new building levels. They decided not to overload the Base with new buildings but to give players an opportunity to receive more bonuses from the existing ones.

3. Combine HQ. We have received multiple messages saying that Mining Complexes are always captured and held by Top Combines while small Combines do not have an opportunity to develop and keep their members from moving to stronger Combines.

The developers designed Combine HQs that are available to each Combine. It is free to build and allows for smaller Combines to have as much fun, as the bigger ones have with Mining Complexes. Additionally, the Combine HQ provides players with nice bonuses.

4. The possibility to apply several Resource packs at once. Currently, our developers are considering the idea of making it possible to apply all Stimulants with one click.

5. The possibility to see bonuses from new building levels in the information window. When we released new levels of certain buildings, players were asking about the bonuses that each new level would provide.

We have added this information to all buildings that have new levels.

6. An increased amount of Cash that can be gained at an MC. From now on, players get triple the amount of Cash on all Mining Complexes to speed up the process of veteranning Units.

7. Improvements in the PvE Tournament mechanics. Now you receive points for Zheng Shi’s Units you have extinguished, not for the Location you have destroyed. Many high-level players have asked for this improvement because high-level Locations require too many Units and can be completed only in a few days or even weeks.

8. Add a boost to travel time to Repositories to Executive bonuses.

9. More Tournaments. Now players can take part in up to 7 Tournaments on their list, whereas previously they could only participate in 3 . Many players did not receive points because they had 3 uncompleted Tournaments. You asked to fix this issue, and we did.

10. Remove the option to filter by distance in the Radar. Our players have noticed that the travel time to Locations has been reduced, but the useless option still remained. We have removed it.

11. Add a Daily Roll Call timer. It will show the time left to receiving the next reward for daily login to the game.

12. Add the possibility to apply all the rewards for Combine Missions, Executive status Items, and several boosts at the same time with just one click.


13. Combining Stimulants. We made a major change to how you combine Stimulants. From now on, instead of having to combine each pair of Stimulants one by one, you can combine all similar pairs of Stimulants in a single action. To do this, simply go to the Medical Laboratory, find the “Operation Room” tab, and select Stimulants to combine. If you have multiple Stimulants of the same type, you will be prompted to combine either two or all of them.

14. From now on, you can copy the messages sent and received directly from the in-game Chat.

15. If you have been using Chat in the game, but have not performed any other in-game actions for more than 5 minutes, the game will no longer time-out.


16. From now on, Reports on attacks you launched against Locations will include not just information on how many hostile Units you destroyed, but also how many hostile Units in total were at the Location to begin with.


17. Track your units. We’ve released an update to the Garrisons tracking interface to help you keep better track of your Units. Now you can view exactly how many Offensive and Defensive Units you have at locations throughout Zandia by going to the “Garrisons” tab.

18. From now on, you will be able to view exactly how many Units each of your fellow Combine Members has committed to defend the Mining Complexes held by your Combine. In order to see a full breakdown of your Combine’s Mining Complex Reinforcements, simply select the Complex you wish to view and open the "Garrison" tab. Please note that this feature is only available to Members ranked Agent or above.

19. We have improved the notification system and added new notification settings.

20. From now on, whenever you complete a Location of the maximum Level available to you, the next Location you will receive is guaranteed to be of a higher Level.


21. From now on, you no longer have to log into the game each day in order to get your next Daily Roll Call Reward! Your Daily Roll Call Reward won't reset meaning you won’t have to start all over again!

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