Ready For Your Toughest Challenge Yet?

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3 February, 2017, 12:26 PM UTC

Ready For Your Toughest Challenge Yet?

Plarium's New Military Game Takes The Fight Mobile!

Play Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare on iOS or Android Today!


Love Soldiers Inc., but want more? Now you can get your military strategy fix on your mobile device!

The next evolution of Soldiers Inc. challenges you to face off against players around the world in a future-warfare battlespace! It's time to test your mettle in Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare!

Report to the dangerous land of Selva de Fuego and take control of your new army. Build a Base and fight against rival Commanders from your mobile device, wherever you want, whenever you want!

Download and play today!

Download it now from the App Store:

Download it now from Google Play:

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