XP Exhibition: Harvest Edition!

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21 November, 2016, 12:07 PM UTC

XP Exhibition: Harvest Edition!

Explore Zandia and gain Experience for various in-game tasks. Show off your combat skills, develop Base or negotiate enough Contracts to put nearby Commanders to shame - doesn't matter how you get your XP, just that you get a lot! Each Experience Point you gain while the Tournament is active will get you one Tournament Point. The more you advance, the bigger your rewards! That's a win-win, Commander.

Be advised: There is one exception. XP from Special Operations won't count for Tournament Points.

This Tournament is intended for Combines only. Upon the completion of the Tournament, all Associates who participated will get the Combine Reward. The more points your Combine scores collectively, the better the prize! Make sure everyone contributes to get the most out of this Tournament!

If your Combine makes it to the top of the Rankings, all participating Associates will get additional prizes upon Tournament completion!

Leave a comment if you are proud of your Combine!

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