Changes To Solo PvP Tournament Rankings!

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24 July, 2016, 10:39 AM UTC

Changes To Solo PvP Tournament Rankings!

Place In The Elite League And Win Amazing Rewards!


The Syndicate has taken steps to optimize the Global Tournament ranking system!

From now on the ranking system will work as follows:

- Each Commander will be tasked with competing against other Commanders to win Rewards! The higher you place in your League Rankings the bigger your Rewards! Commanders will be divided up into Leagues according to their level and the number of Tournament Points they gained during the latest Tournament of the same type. This is to ensure that all Commanders have a fair shot at winning the top spots in their League!

- The higher you place in your League’s Rankings, the bigger the Rewards you will receive! Because all Commanders are divided into Leagues, this means that everyone has an opportunity to be successful and claim Rewards!

- The Commanders who receive the most Tournament Points will place in the Elite League where they will have the opportunity to win even greater Rewards!

- Inside the Rankings tab of the Tournament window you can find two subtabs:

1. My League

2. Elite League

Inside the "My League" subtab you can find your fellow League Members and inside the “Elite League” tab you can find a list of those Commanders who have made it to the Elite League.

Please note: This applies to Solo PvP Tournaments ONLY.

This new system provides all Commanders with the opportunity to place in top positions in the Rankings!

Compete in Tournaments to place in the Rankings and get Rewards!



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