The Syndicate Rewards Your Perseverance!

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6 May, 2016, 1:14 PM UTC

Recently some of you may have experienced technical issues when attempting to visit Zandia. This affected many Commanders and, to apologize for this inconvenience, the Syndicate is giving Commanders FREE Rewards! 

7-Days Executive Activator

4-Hour Boost

30,000 of each Resource

15 AH-72 Thunderheads

2 Drill Instructors

Put them to good use in your ongoing struggle to rule Zandia!

We have restored the Daily Roll Call progress for all of our players who could not log in on May 4. For example, if you were at Day 89 on May 3 and could not log in on May 4, we have set your Roll Call at Day 2 and given you the rewards for the day you could not log in and for Day 1.

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