Bugfix 03.22 - Check Out the New Features Now!

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22 March, 2016, 6:55 PM UTC

Update News!


This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made the following important update:

  • The Buildings window has been updated: From now on, every Commander will be able to view the complete statistics of any chosen Building, with information given on the Bonuses at each level. 
  • New Repository Missions! Conquer Repositories to be able to collect vital Resources: Fuel, Munitions, Rations, Diamonds, or Thulium. You can find these sites on the Map or via your Radar. Important: the number of Resources you can collect from a Repository depends on the Carrying Capacity of your Units. Therefore, you should always deploy a significant number of Defensive Units - as well as enough Offensive Units to capture the Repository - in order to get the most benefit from these Missions. 
  • Updated Items: Starting from today, Total Protection and Recon Protection will no longer be cancelled if you carry out Recon Missions while the Protection is active. This means that you can protect your Base with these Items and still feel free to Recon any Base across Zandia. 
  • Minor fixes: the effects of the Bonuses relating to Contract Negotiation times, Building Construction times, and Unit Training times have been adjusted slightly. 

Alright Commanders, that's enough chatter for now. Our intelligence services have detected signs of destructive activity nearby - most likely Zheng Shi. Prepare your troops!



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