Strategic Units Now Available!

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28 December, 2015, 4:15 PM UTC

Strategic Units Now Available!



The Syndicate's  aircraft project has reached the final stages of development. Two  planes featuring Automated Airfleet Coordination Technology are now available for you to purchase at the Black Market! We are confident that these Strategic Units will keep ZHG, and any of your personal rivals, on their toes. The L-78 Mirage and the TI-60 Thunderstorm increase the effectiveness of both your Armor and Combat Aviation in defensive and offensive situations, respectively.

Commanders are advised to acquire these monsters as soon as they can! They will only be available for a short period of time - don't miss the opportunity!

Take note of the following points regarding the  Strategic Units:

Both the L-78 Mirage and the TI-60 Thunderstorm can be deployed either with Armor or Combat Aviation Units. Nevertheless you should use Aviation Units to defend from these deadly monsters.

When sending these Units to a mission alongside regular Strategic Units, the supporting Units deploy with the regular Units first. Only then, once the regular Strategic Units have full support, will units start being deployed with the limited-edition Strategic Units.

When these limited-edition Units are removed from the Black Market, they will not vanish from the game - you simply won't be able to purchase them anymore. You will still be able to revive them at the Field Hospital and Sick Bay, and use them as you deem fit.



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