Attention, Commanders! Check out the most recent bugfixes and improvements

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18 November, 2015, 4:21 PM UTC

Attention, Commanders!

Check out the most recent bugfixes and improvements:

- Radar UI enhancements are coming to Soldiers Inc!

From now on, you can view Locations and Syndicate Contracts in one place - the Locations tab of the Radar. Managing your battles against the Zheng Shi is more convenient now.

- Repositories to replace Depots!

New battle sites – Repositories – will replace the Resource Depots in Zandia indefinitely. The Equipment Depots will still be available for some time; later on, all shipments will be delivered to the Repositories. Depots that are currently on the map will remain there until they are depleted of Resources. Refer to the Repository breakdown on this page, or the in-game Field Manual for more details on how these new sites work.

- Open multiple Resource Packs at the Black Market!

You can now apply the Resource Packs you have purchased much more efficiently. From now on, if you have more than one Resource Pack, you can use a slider to open multiple Packs at once! The Resources will be added to your Field Kitchens and Storage Depots instantly.

Alright, Commander! Enough chatter - we've got business to take care of! Our intelligence operatives have picked up signs of Mutants on their surveillance channels. There's no time to waste - we need to move quickly. Prepare your troops and move out!



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