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Attention! General info about the situation.

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27 February, 2015, 2:57 PM UTC

Attention, Commander!

Our Engineers are aware of the following bugs, and are currently working to fix them:

- Unit bonuses aren't showing up in the Bunker

- The travel time when sending Units to the Emitter is incorrect

- If you have more than 9,999 Units in the Command Center, you will see a letter "k" ("k" means 1,000 Units).

- When sending Units of the same type to Raid or Invade, the time and various other characteristics aren’t displayed.

These minor inaccuracies will not prevent you from Raiding and wreaking havoc among your enemies in the Wasteland - and don't worry, they'll be fixed in the next update!

Don't show your enemies any mercy! Good luck, Commander!

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