Soldiers Inc. video tutorials by Chris James

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22 April, 2016, 1:05 PM UTC

Check out Youtube channel of Soldiers Inc. expert, Chris James! 

One can't feel safe and sound here without knowing Zandian rules! 

Watch Soldiers Inc. video tutorials made by Chris James and improve your gaming experience!

Training Training Video 1- Base Development

Training Video 2 – Daily Roll Call

Training Video 3 – Players' Interactions

Training Video 4 – ZHG

Training Video 5 – Medical Lab

Training Video 6 – Trading

Training Video 7 - Refferals and Contract Negotiaions

Training Video 8 – Combines

Training Video 9 - Incoming Raids and Defensive Lines

Training Video 10 - Training Center and Drill Instructors

Training Video 11 - Combine Contracts and Reward Packs

Training Video 12 - Contractor Business Cards

Training Video 13 – Armory

Training Video 14 – Black Market

Training Video 15 – Special Operations

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