Soldier inc mobile warfare

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6 December, 2017, 3:34 PM UTC

OK I bought me a android tablet and i download the same game am playing on PC now only one question devs how the hell is that game on the adrion 100000 more better than on pc i just don't understand you guys you make 1bil evro a month and you can't update the pc game to similar to mobile warfare i don't even know where to start on mobile warfare 

the base is super trucks driving around helis landing and going you have more buildings available not to mention the Annex buildings you can build outside your base OMG  you even got a train runs thru the base a bunker were convoys go in and out a naval port just OMG am  speechless o i forgot to add the units in that game have same stats there is no offence and defence there are all equal

so devs how is that game more suppierer to pc version are you too lazy to do something are you too inexperienced to do anything

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7 December, 2017, 9:21 PM UTC

Hello, Sir!

First of all, you have a warning for abusive language, used in your post. Insults and rude words are against our forum rules. Please take a few minutes of your time and check out our Forum Rules:

I highly recommend you to take a closer look at point 3.2.

And as for your post, I understand your incomprehension but just let me clarify some details:

1. Soldiers inc. and Soldiers inc: Mobile Warfare are two separate games created by two independent teams of developers. The only thing these games have in common is their setting and in-game lore. And of course, each of these games has its own fans and haters.So many men, so many minds. I personally know a lot of players that play both games and enjoy PC version even more. 

2. Time. Soldiers Inc. was released in 2013 while Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare was published in 2016. There are three years of difference. It's not a secret for everyone that technologies developed faster and faster nowadays. Just imagine how significantly the game industry may change for 3 years. So it's absolutely normal that the game, launched in 2016 looks much more modern and fresh than its elder brother. 

3. Technical complexity. Don't forget that we're talking about technically complicated projects and processes which require much time and effort to be complete. To upgrade the PC game to the mobile version we should completely reconfigure the game balance, graphics, UI/UX design, localization and a lot of other things. Would not it be easier to create a brand new game in this case? Yes, it is. And that is actually what we did, and now you have two fantastic games: Soldiers inc. and Soldiers inc: Mobile Warfare. 

Just choose the game you like more or play both of them.  
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