It is all FAKE or a massive hack either way this game has gone to pots

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3 November, 2017, 7:26 AM UTC

I just caught a player in his own set of lies trying to cover up his mutual ties within one enemy combine that is currently at war towards another major enemy combine. It's all a bunch of fake alts against whom? Who's the better hacker LOL or is it Plarium?

Hi to whom ever decides to read this post. I have been researching this game for several years. I've been learning and assimilating significant amounts of alarming familiar patterns. I will not disclose what methods I used in order to obtain the necessary information to come to several conclusions but it was rather incredibly easy to see the tell tale signs. Many of these patterns pop up in many of the top 20 combines along with a huge host of supporting Alt combines. Allot of these patterns point towards a massive gig to fake out people, and create a constant false consistency to FOG out the realities in order to have the player spend more money and moreover to monopolize the game. 

Plarium has allowed the Alt Accounts to go well-well-way-way beyond Plarium Policy Levels, yet not one thing has been accomplished to either enforce or to eliminate the alt accounts. Some of those hundreds of alt farming accounts are an actual game hack and are scripted accounts something that Plarium recently acknowledged in a recent reply to a post from another concerned player.

These fake accounts/farms have all been scripted by other alt accounts to take advantage of the resources and of the game and have now monopolize and exploited the game entirely. It is not hard to find the culprits they are the players whom reside on these fake farm bases by the hundreds. They all have occupied at least 50-200+ farms each. But obviously Plarium is not concerned of this as well otherwise they would have dealt with this ASAP a long time ago. 

One forum post I recently read was "Hide your Log in info" don't give it out as a resolution towards one members concern towards scripting Farm/Bot bases and hacking concerns. Fake farming bases have been created apparently beyond your control, hundreds of fake accounts and alt's have been created without an ounce of penalty or removal by Plarium even though they too have admitted in a recent reply to a post that these fake farm bases are a hack and were not created by Plarium. Yet they do not remove them? So Plarium if these rows upon rows of Fake Farms are a hack why do you refuse to remove them or enforce your very own policies? They are a clear violation of your own internal game policy. 

Hacks in this game seem to be getting worse not better. Constant monthly messages of buy more at deeper discounts follow this web address, constant oriental messages scripted on their Forum. 

Not to mention that whenever I log into my account I notice immediately that someone else has also just logged in to my account and can view what I am doing!!! - Contact your Support is what Plarium would state and to that I will begin to laugh and cry at the same time. No My IP provider is looking into that matter and will take legal action if necessary. 

You have a team of Players on this game whom have unlimited resources, diamonds,fuel, rations, ammo at their disposal to entice chaos and entice fake wars.  That or a group of players have hacked the game to take full advantage (which ever comes first) is truly alarming. Hint Plarium there are a hand full of them within the top 20 combines. Not that hard to spot them. 

I calculated that just one of those many players/hacker(s) (which ever one it is) had to of spent well over $350,000 usd in order to obtain the strength that they amassed within one months time frame. Within 3 months one of the  players grew so big he and many others (Just like him) all grew well past the 1 Billion in strength each 1 billion in offensive and 1 billion defensive strength.  

Which quickly leads me to point towards either all of these policy violations are either orchestrated by a group of well oiled pimple popping over weight pizza hackers or they are in house Plarium. The use of the same old song and dance routine of "Please contact Support" will do you no good. Otherwise these issues above would have been resolved (Internally by Plarium) a long time ago. 

If you owned a gaming site and it was being hacked needlessly at will you would either shut it down or deal with it ASAP. Which begs me to question who is in control at this point? As for me once I am done posting this I am done playing any Plarium games and I will wipe my computer clean in order to remove all of the infested bugs&hacks obtained from this game. 

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Soldiers Inc
3 November, 2017, 9:47 AM UTC
It is sad how bad it has gotten on this game. You have some good points hopefully Plarium will wake up and do something about it soon.
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3 November, 2017, 11:24 AM UTC
I would like to hear what plarium has to say to all of that.....I have put a great deal of money on this game to just walk away and quit. I see the fake alts come at me like a swarm of horny bees from a completely different combine after I raided a base or re-coned a farm. You just dont know who you are up against anymore. The level of trust is zero on my list but with only a hand full of players that I have vetted before becoming friends with them. Talk with them on the side and get to know them on facebook or over voice chat first.  It's bad on this game and I have seen worse on other games..... like swatting and other cheets. It's obvious some in this game have gotten their upper hand the wrong way and plarium clearly has no control. I think they will milk the cow dry and smack their hands clean when the metrics runs dry. 
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5 November, 2017, 9:58 AM UTC

Ya it's a no brainer Plarium is running a chunk of this game to spur the boiling pot aaaaaand I see no replies from them which is proof of judgement on it's own validity. Hows that for girl brains! They must think people think and run on snots and farts ~~~~~LOL

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15 December, 2017, 2:24 AM UTC
I recently had my computer crash on me, I took it to the repair shop to have windows 10 put back into it. That took a week to do so. I do not play much of this game once in the mornings and maybe 2 or three times in the evening. Just build my base up and my troops up . Like they suggest you to  do. I make sure that all of my acquired arms are bunkered, I do not want to shell out more monies to replace them. When I received my computer back from the shop I went online and found that all of my F-32's were destroyed , replacement of those alone are 15000 diamonds. I informed Plarium of this , and they told me to go and pound sand up my but . That is not the bad part though , get this and this is a true statement believe me. I joined a large combine,before my computer problems. I was on line with the ceo of that combine in my mail, I asked him what I was suppose to send to the HQ, and the MC's, he sent me a link  to see what to send there. Well that link was not compatible with windows 10 and that is why my computer crashed in the first place. It ended up costing me $150.00, Plus my computer is my lively hood, it was down for a week , had to cost me over a thousand dollars because this is the only computer I have. They have since repaired it to accept windows 10, I believe because now I can copy the links. I do not know why I still play this game . I feel that Plarium brought down my bunker , maybe because they wanted another large base to farm ,and for someone to get a large amount of PVP's  unhappy in the USA  :{
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