Level 112 raided a lvl 65

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21 June, 2017, 1:05 AM UTC

Got to say, the lvl 65 is now leaving the game.  He has nothing left. The level 112 sent 25,000 aircraft and another 15,000 units to completely destroy a lvl 65. he has no hope of enough help from his Combine (I'm a member). There is no way on god's green earth we can revive his 2,500 units, all his referrals, and resources collectively.  How can it be possible? Now we all know our future in this game.  One level 112 hits you you're out of the game. Makes NO sense. You will lose more than 150 players i our Combine alone. I will of course spread the word to all Allies what happened, when they hear of it, you will countless more players.  Why play a game when you know eventually it's your turn to be wiped out completely.  Perhaps after you lose so many players you will institute a policy that a level 112 can not be permitted to hit a level 65.  I believe he got maybe 100 or so of the 25, 00 air units sent to his base.  The level 112 must have heard the pimple pop on his face, what a shame.  Until you stop the ridiculousness of that kind of "fair" play, this game worthless and wish I could have my $49.95 back. You will certainly never get another dime from any of us unless the rules of engagement change.  It's good money after bad....no matter how much you spend you can not stop an attack from a level 112 against a level 65.  Fix it! Fix it now!...mark my words I will let everyone in the game know what the furture holds and stop them from spending money.  Course you might first ban my account, which case, I'll need all my money back. Letting people know what happens in this game is not a cause to ban a player.  I'm a loud mouth when I see unfair rules.  At least limit the levels of attach to + - 10 levels.  It's just stupid to allow a level 112 to hit any level 10 levels below them.  Anyway, good luck to all in one screwed up "legal" game play...Watch out...you could be hit next by a level 122 legally and acording to the stupid rules.

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21 June, 2017, 8:53 PM UTC
Sir..Soldiers is a War -Strategy game...There are ways to handle every situation..You just have to develope a working Strategy..My Strategy is to leave nothing out of bunker..If they are not out of bunker they can not be killed..Also I leave very little resources on my base..I put it in the ovens/ contracts/buildings or simply give it away..If a player gets nothing for their time and trouble then they will move on..Either they are looking for resources or PVP or XP..You job is to give them nothing
Robert Shatz
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22 June, 2017, 12:23 AM UTC

There's a building in your base called a bunker

you should try it

it's foolish to risk your entire army to an higher level player to save 50-100K ressources which is worth 2 to 4 thunderheads
"Lowbie attack SF and he gets ignored. Lowbie repeat his attack and this time SF retaliates and kill all of his troops. Lowbie now call SF bullies". Moral of the story: Don't poke the bear with a short stick
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22 June, 2017, 12:39 PM UTC

Hello, Tom!

I understand your feelings. It's always not a pleasant thing when your Base is attacked or you found out that your Associate was attacked.

Still, I'm agree with other players. Soldiers is a war strategy game, and players can and do attack other players.

Robert gave you a good advice: hide your Units in Bunker and don't leave much Resources in your Base.

We won't implement some limits for attack depending on player's Level in the game. 

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6 September, 2017, 5:58 AM UTC

aside from completely sidestepping such an attack, there is also the option to defend against it.

The OP said that 150 players from the combine would all leave over this 1 incident, which implies that they are all active and capable.

If that is really the case, and they all sent 300 defensive units to the level 65's base, they would have more than 40k units defending.

What's more: the combined 150 players would have 150 of each production building to rebuild losses, while the level 112 would have only 1 base to rebuild losses. This would mean replacing in 1 day what might take the high level months to replace.

While it is true that you can hide in the bunker, it is also true that this is a war game, and as such: you can and should have your troops mingle with those from other places. 

For those who wish to build without having troops ever run into enemy troops, there are basically 2 options: don't build troops or don't put them in harm's way.

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