Can you have a fair priced decent package that come out once a month for less than 9.99 Dollars

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23 March, 2017, 12:32 AM UTC

The minimum package i can buy is $49 which is crazy amount of money. There are packages in the bank at more affordable prices but they are not worth buying. Can you have a bonus package once a month that is LIVE for 3 Days That is fairly priced at less than $9.,99 with a choice of goods.

I will  never ever pay $49 dollars for your current packages and not be cause they are not good enough, I just think that your out of touch with reality,. I can buy AUTO THEFT V for $29.99  dollars on steam at the moment. 

I could buy a game like this on steam for less than $9.,99 dollars. 

What makes you think your special to charge people $49.,99 dollars for a basic package. 

You would have a higher revenue with a monthly affordable package. I cannot wait until christmas for a bonus package. Its too long away. 

Please can you be more creative in the packages you sell since you don't give out as good prizes then i feel it is a fair balance for everyone if you offer active players decent packages. 

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23 March, 2017, 1:30 PM UTC

You know that we have regular Bank Offers and Special Offers with bonuses.

Special Offers appear according to a set algorithm which is constantly evolving. Several departments work on the development of that algorithm, and they rely on analytics data, marketing research and other information they receive through their research channels.

You can receive a cheap or an expensive Special Offer. it is chosen by that algorithm. Unfortunately, it’s not a part of the game our players can affect directly or pass suggestions about some changes to it. If you don’t like your current Offers or find them expensive, you can wait for better ones, and they will appear sooner or later. 

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