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22 September, 2015, 1:54 PM UTC

Hi, Commander!

Welcome to the Game Discussion thread! Here you can post your ideas, request features, and discuss everything related to the game. 

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20 October, 2016, 11:46 PM UTC

You really need to change the rules for HQs. When HQ/ Fortress and so on where introduced into the games it was said that the idea was "..for the smaller teams to have just as much fun with" HQ/ Fortresses aso. But as it is now all plarium has done is to give the bigger teams yet an other opportunity to get allot of easy pvp points. How? By making it possible for them taking turns wiping out smaller teams total defence while the small have no chance of retaliation.
As it is now plarium can just as well delete that part of the game as it is totally broken!

What plarium could do though is to change the rules so that teams with MCs no longer are able to attack a HQ of a team without MC.

An other rule change I think plarium should really consider implementing in the games is so that a player can not attack an other player that is more then 10 levels below oneself accept if being attacked first or if their teams are in a challenge or at war with each other. This would probably also help with the problem of players having multiple Alts.


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21 October, 2016, 12:50 PM UTC
New contract upgrading.  Upgrading Firedrake and checked the bonus on this one.  If this is  a defensive item, the upgrade gives you more offensive power than defensive?  At upgrade to lvl 21, it's 50% offense vs 42% defense.  I lose firedrakes in BGs.  Not very trustworthy in battle.
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