The Terminator is not science fiction!

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2 September, 2015, 4:52 PM UTC

Who said the Terminator is just science fiction?

Officially titled the "Spetsial'nyy Takticheskiy Otryad Prikrytiya", the specially trained individuals making up this elite paramilitary Unit within the Ares Corporation's 2nd Directorate have become known simply as the "Terminators" based on the unprecedented success of their operations in Afghanistan in March 2017. The local government had contracted PMCs "GS8" and "PAG" to guard critical government facilities and communications arrays. Sensing a publicity opportunity and a chance to upstage their Western competition, Ares corporate management offered to send in a ten-man team for free, promising them comparable results to a force of 100 from their competitors. They didn't disappoint.

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