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A traitor in Zandia!

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24 October, 2016, 6:53 PM UTC

A traitor in Zandia!

Mr. Black’s recon reported that there are a few ZGH agents among us! 2,000 Diamonds will go to one of the Commanders to guess where they are hiding! Look for clues in the picture.

Make a guess and leave a comment! 

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24 October, 2016, 7:25 PM UTC

a traitor? surely Mr.White, remeber your words? HAHAHAHA!

I guess ZHG agents are located on "1" clue. (very good this mini-quest, congrats!)

"Glory to the Bomb and his Divine destructive Cloud"
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24 October, 2016, 11:18 PM UTC

As the second soldier in charge is indicating.....ZHG forces are in position #4!!!!

Go there and fire dares!
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25 October, 2016, 3:51 AM UTC

man with binoculars!

look like ZHG!

miracles in life...
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25 October, 2016, 5:51 AM UTC
i say 2
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25 October, 2016, 2:02 PM UTC

It's 3 !

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25 October, 2016, 8:45 PM UTC

There is a semi-invisible shape that forms a strange curve (dome) located above the tank number #3

initially I thought it was a different camouflage of the vehicle ... but then I noticed this shadow extends also outside of the vehicle (on the sand, behind its turret).

this means that the different shade is not the color of the hull of the tank ...

the same unnatural change of color can be seen near the mouth of the soldier who is screaming.

Unless these graphics errors were accidentally made by the designer who created this picture, I think ZHG is hiding under these invisible areas close to target #3 and also near the mouth of the screaming soldier.

In addition, considering that the text of this riddle says that "there are a few ZHG agents" (plural) and it also says "... where they are hiding" (again in the plural), I think that even the man with the scar is a traitor (Mr.Balck has no scars on his cheek, and he looks identical to Mr. Black).

Finally, the tank under the target #1 is the only one with a different hull shape ... so I think it is also an infiltrator / traitor.

This latter (tank near target #1) is my only answer if:

- Those weird shades of color are nothing but involuntary graphics errors,

- If Mr. Black's face with the scar has been used as a common face, in order to reduce the costs and the timing of realization of the picture.

Furthermore, if the answer is only one, then I think you must remove the plural from the text of the riddle.

Here you can see the picture in more detail:

Note the invisible dome over the tank # 3
There is a curved line that changes color!

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4 November, 2016, 3:52 PM UTC

It is time to announce the result of our competition!

2,000 Diamonds are going to LEGEND!


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