Spin Off: "Leap in the Dark", the discovery of the Zandian mysteries

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11 September, 2016, 12:32 PM UTC

Millions of years ago, the today's zandian desert was a lush, luxuriant area, with forests, rivers and lakes. Many scientists, who for decades had been able to study the area before the duly elected government collapse occurred seven years ago, claim that there had developed an advanced and mysterious civilization, of which only remain vague legends and little trace materials.

Unfortunately, the military presence operated by Zheng Shi and the hateful dictatorship imposed by his local leader Zang Wei Chen, prevented further and more recent archaeological and geological studies in this desertic area. 

Only recently, thanks to the technological progress of the satellite network in orbit around the Earth, it was possible to detect some mysterious structures buried in the depths of the zandian desert and strange - but weak - energy flows appear to be dispersed by some of those buried sites.

Because of the bloody war that is ravaging the East Africa Republic of Zandia, local authorities under control of the dictator Wei Chen, do not grant any authorization to scientific researchers who would like to go to the site to carry out excavations and archaeological surveys.

During the same period, a japanese university teacher, the Professor Tachibana is studying this strange and distressing energetic phenomena that are taking place on the African continent. The Professor Tachibana team identified the epicenter of these anomalies, in an extremely inhospitable and desertic area of the Zandia African republic.

For obscure reasons, a secret organization called "The Syndicate," contacted the Professor Tachibana, offering to provide for logistical and financial support, for the organization of a reconnaissance on site and any plans for scientific excavations.

Professor Tachibana and his closest assistants could, so, reach the battered zandian nation. After some weeks of intensive research, operated either by terrestrial instruments, both using satellite tracking systems, it was possible to identify the exact coordinates where the mysterious energy source seems to have the most intense point: x: « omiss », y: « omiss ».

The area is heavily controlled by the forces of the ZHG, so the team of Professor Tachibana is airborne in the area, under a strong escort of "The Syndicate" elite's troops. Even the excavators and bulldozers are brought by air with powerful HC-74 transport helicopters "Pelican".

The elite's escort forces deployed by "The Syndicate" are under the command of a impenetrable woman with asian characteristic traits, She wearing a not standard uniform with insignias of high-grade and the respect shown by the proud soldiers of The Syndicate are a sign that this is a much feared female. They call her Ms. Lee

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