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Win 2,016 Diamonds!

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4 August, 2016, 10:52 AM UTC
Disqualified due to Steroid usage. So disappointing  :(
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Cosofret Andrei
4 August, 2016, 11:03 AM UTC
a) first place
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war fire
4 August, 2016, 11:05 AM UTC
a first
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4 August, 2016, 11:23 AM UTC

a) First... name... Roger... last name Federer... middle name, Mr.Black.

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4 August, 2016, 11:39 AM UTC
First ( A ) ..... he would look good at Wimbledon , best defended Tournament ever !!!! 
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4 August, 2016, 12:00 PM UTC
first place
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4 August, 2016, 12:00 PM UTC

Stupid puzzle for stupid people.

The best answer is to just save the mental reasoning for something else more worthwhile than a stupid puzzle. 
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4 August, 2016, 12:15 PM UTC
John Black said:

Mr. Black has never played tennis, but he has always succeeded at everything he has tried! Which place will John take in a tennis tournament?

a) First

b) He will be disqualified

The Commander to guess the correct answer will receive 2,016 Diamonds!

Comment below to show you have faith in Mr. Black!

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4 August, 2016, 12:28 PM UTC
John Black will Win, but will then be disquailified for use of "proformance inhancing drugs".  He will protest saying that " This is for the syndicate, and it is no secret that we get results by the use of "drugs"     I am not human anymore and without these inhancements i will die.   The sydicate is  everything, so i ask you to reconcider"    The outcome looks favorable.   
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4 August, 2016, 12:40 PM UTC
He will be first of course!
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4 August, 2016, 12:53 PM UTC
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4 August, 2016, 1:13 PM UTC
He will win
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4 August, 2016, 1:18 PM UTC
Last .... as he will use tactical enhanced balls... So Disqualified ...such a shame
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4 August, 2016, 1:31 PM UTC
Disqualified.  To be the best in some subjects, one must study and train.  Mr. Black:  Study and train in the same way that you make us study and train... and one day you'll do well enough to win a tournament.
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4 August, 2016, 1:32 PM UTC
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4 August, 2016, 1:34 PM UTC
he never beats Roger Federer!
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4 August, 2016, 2:27 PM UTC

b) He will be disqualified

Here to help you in anyway i can. Any questions that you have i can answer for you. lightsword Member since: 07/13/2016
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4 August, 2016, 2:42 PM UTC
I'll go with B  lol were warriors not tennis players lol
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4 August, 2016, 2:51 PM UTC
Mr Black will place first by driving the ball down his opponents throat.
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4 August, 2016, 3:06 PM UTC
b) he will be disqualified
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